Practice Saying 'No'

Practice saying 'no' to your customer or boss using the six methods described by the psychologist Trevor Powell.


Many employees struggle to say no when they are given additional tasks because we like to please and be seen as capable. But if you have too many demands and no more capacity available you should say no.

In this simulation, you'll practice saying 'No' using the six methods described by the psychologist Trevor Powell:

  • The direct 'no'
  • The reflecting 'no'
  • The reasoned 'no'
  • The raincheck 'no'
  • The enquiring 'no'
  • The broken record 'no'

After practicing, you'll take a short quiz to access your recollection of these methods.


The saying 'no' exercises can be accessed from your web-browser, no installation or download is required.

PC / Laptop


Saying no in a workplace

Topics covered

Saying No Assertive Communication People Skills

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