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Practice what you learn with interactive exercises, which immerse you in a range of situations and can be completed in your web browser.

Video presentation exercise

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VirtualSpeech has online exercises to support different skill levels. Become a better communicator and grow your skills with over 30 exercises in public speaking, active listening, video presentations, sales pitching, impromptu speaking, and more.

After each exercise, you'll receive instant feedback on your performance. You can then repeat the exercises to try and improve your score.

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Elevator exercise

All learning happens in-browser

Fast-track your skill development. With VirtualSpeech exercises, there's no installation or download required - all learning and interactive exercises run in your browser. That means you can grow your skills through hands-on exercises, anytime, anywhere.

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"Hands-on soft skills training improves learning retention and creates lasting behavior change."

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Improve your skills with interactive practice exercises.

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