Virtual Skills Assessment

A unique, objective and systematic method for tracking soft skills performance in VR.

Soft skill assessment overview
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Measure your team's ability

  • Leverage the VirtualSpeech catalogue of VR blended learning courses to assess specific soft skills
  • Using proprietary algorithms, AI and sentiment analysis, see how performance in VR relates to real life skills like verbal communication, active listening, storytelling and leadership
  • Each of our 40 VR scenarios has been designed to affect multiple skill scores and combining multiple courses results in broader skills coverage. For example, delivering a sales pitch might impact the verbal delivery, persuasiveness and storytelling skill scores.

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VirtualSpeech course catalogue

Identify strengths and weakness

  • Virtual Skills Assessment combines analysis across 50 soft skills so you can easily pinpoint strengths and weaknesses for individuals and teams
  • View skills scores from 0-100 on a real-time dashboard, where 0 indicates no knowledge of the skills and 100 indicates full proficiency
  • Download detailed data-driven reports or integrate directly with your LMS
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Accelerate skill growth

  • Assign courses to team members based on their skills report and help them improve 4x faster with VR learning
  • Choose from our range of blended learning courses based on gaps in performance to build a personalized learning plan, including Presentation Skills, Sales Pitching, Networking, Media Training and Leadership Communication
  • Customize VR scenarios to focus on specific scenarios for your organisation
Track progress and completion

Data-driven approach to VR learning

Virtual Skills Assessment enables a data-driven approach to VR learning and skills management, and will come as standard with all Enterprise and Educational admin dashboards.

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