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  • Monitor Students Progress
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Insight into Learning Patterns
  • Training Courses in VR
  • Continued Learning
  • Advanced Speech Analysis
  • Add Custom Slides
  • Secure Access


  • Monitor Employees Progress
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Custom Environments
  • All App Features
  • All Rooms & Scenarios
  • Access to Online Courses
  • Secure Access
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All the Tools you Need

We provide you with immersive training courses, real-time feedback and a variety of environments to improve your communication skills quickly and effectively. We'll even send you headsets so you can start practicing as soon as possible.

Practice Anywhere, Anytime

Your perfect training tool will be in your pocket, ready for you to practice your sales pitch, interview skills, speech or networking exactly when you need to.

Designed for Mobile

You don’t need expensive hardware for a realistic experience - our app is compatible with Google Cardboard, Merge VR and similar devices. Just slot your mobile into a headset and start seeing results.

Admin Dashboard

Use our dashboard to monitor the progress of your students/clients and gain deep insight into what they're learning. Uncover trends between time in app and real world improvement.

Continued Learning with VR

Users can continue learning after a workshop, class or lecture. All they'll need is a mobile VR headset, such as the $8 Google Cardboard, and they can continue practicing their communication skills with the VirtualSpeech app.

Start improving your skills today

Contact us to learn more about how VR can improve the learning experience.

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