VirtualSpeech VR App

Improve your communication skills in realistic VR scenarios.

App works with mobile VR headsets including Daydream View, Gear VR & Merge VR. Full support for Oculus Go coming soon. Read the VirtualSpeech App Guide.

App formerly known as Public Speaking VR (for Cardboard).

VirtualSpeech gives you an unfair advantage

Our courses combine online learning with VR, for a unique learning experience.

Enroll in one of our courses to improve your sales pitch, public speaking, presentation, networking, job interview skills and more. Our mobiles app unlocks VR content specific to each course, giving you the ultimate learning tool.

We’ve been used to help prepare for TED talks, best man speeches at weddings, sales pitches, upcoming networking events, conference presentations, interviews at Google and many more.

Presentation in a conference room in VR
Practice selling at a trade show in VR
Give a TEDx talk in a virtual theatre
App Features

Some of the features available in the VirtualSpeech VR app.

High Quality Environments & Audience Various photo-realistic environments, including large and small conference rooms, as well as realistic audiences.

Load in your Slides. Add images into the virtual conference room with you so you can effectively practice for your upcoming event.

Networking Rooms. Talk to avatars in our business networking to improve listening skills, storytelling, exiting a conversation and building rapport.

Voice Analysis & Recording. We provide feedback on speaking pace, hesitation words and more. You can also play back a recording of your voice to identify areas of improvement.

Surround Sound & Distractions. Our communication and presentation app immerses you in 360° sound using the latest VR audio technology. Enable distractions to test yourself further.

Interview Practice. Learn to answer various interview questions in-front of a panel of people and get your dream job. Test yourself with Google, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft and others.

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Our 360° VR Environments

A selection of virtual scenarios in the VirtualSpeech app. Our courses use these environments to help you practice topics being taught.

Conference room to practice public speaking and communication skills in VR

Conference Room. Practice your public speaking in our conference room with over 100 people in the audience and various features to help you improve.

Run a company or team meeting in VR

Meeting Room. Improve presentation skills with your own slides in the virtual room with you. Receive feedback using our voice analysis.

Watch communication and speaking tips in VR

Video Tips. We've curated a selection of videos with various communication tips. Watch them in our distraction free VR TV room.

Job interview at Google, Microsoft, Apple and others in VR

Job Interview. Whether it's a job interview at Tesla, Microsoft or Google, use our app to fully prepare yourself with real interview questions.

Practice your public speaking or presentation in a VR TEDx styled room

TEDx Styled Room. We've built a huge theatre room in the style of a TEDx event, great for preparing any speech in an intimidating environment.

Networking event in VR, memory game

Networking Event. Talk with several of our avatars and practice effective listening, building rapport and storytelling.

Practice your sales pitch in a VR environment

Sales Pitch. Give your sales pitch to our avatar and get instant feedback about how you've performed.

VR public speaking and communication skills training course

Training Courses. Our courses let you learn specific skills in 10-15 minute sessions, including eye contact and handling distractions.

VR styled classroom to practice lesson plans for teachers

Classroom. We've designed a classroom for educators and teachers to prepare their lessons in a realistic way.

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