VirtualSpeech VR Training

Improve business skills in realistic virtual reality (VR) scenarios. The VR training can be combined with the online courses, as a standalone training tool or integrated into your company's learning management system.

Ways to use our VR training

Online courses icon

Classes + VR

Take online courses integrated with VR training on our platform. See courses

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Standalone VR

Give employees or students a chance to practice skills in VR and get feedback.

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LMS integration

Add VR training to your LMS, combining it with existing training. Learn more

Feedback from VirtualSpeech users


of users felt more confident after using VirtualSpeech training


of respondents said they had improved their soft skills with VirtualSpeech


of learners would recommend VirtualSpeech to a colleague


said that practicing in VR helped them prepare better for real-world situations


of users would like to see more VR training at their organization

Why use VR for soft skills training?

Data-driven insights

Data-driven insights

Real-time feedback to accelerate learning and identify areas that need improving. Easily track ROI with quantitative data.

Active learning in VR

Active learning

Learn more quickly by 'doing' and interact in a way that simulates real life, leading to long-term knowledge retention.

Full, realistic immersion icon

Increased engagement

VR captures the full, undivided attention of a learner. Fully immersive, realistic scenarios help create real world behavioral changes.

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Proven results

After training thousands of people, 95% of learners across all levels said they had improved with VirtualSpeech training.

Popular VirtualSpeech training scenarios

Practice in a wide range of self-paced VR scenarios, from a press conference to a TV studio.

You can also take 12-minute guided training sessions to improve your skills in specific topics.

Presentation at a conference in VR
Practice selling at a trade show in VR
Give a TEDx talk in a virtual theatre
Radio interview in VR
Speech analysis results in VR
Branched questions in VR
Job interview in VR
BBC interview in VR
Press conference in VR

Some VirtualSpeech features

Live remote training in VR

Live remote training
Practice in VR rooms with other learners and a human trainer giving feedback.

Load your own slides

Load your presentation slides
Add presentation slides into the virtual room to practice with.

Track progress and record sessions

Track progress and record sessions
Monitor how you are improving over time and identify areas you need to focus on.

Rea-time analysis

Real-time feedback
Get instant feedback on your delivery, including on pace, and eye contact.

Eye contact training in VR

12-minute VR training courses
Complete short VR training scenarios based around specific topics.

Branched questions in VR

Branched questions
Avatar questions can change depending on how the user answers.

Start practicing your skills in virtual reality

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