About VirtualSpeech

Changing soft skills training from passive listening to active learning. Our VR training helps employees improve a range of soft skills to progress in their career and businesses reach their potential.

VirtualSpeech co-founders, Sophie Thompson and Dom Barnard

Our story

VirtualSpeech was founded in 2016 as a way to practice public speaking in a more realistic way. We had a fear of public speaking to the point of avoiding it altogether, and found that rehearsing in front of a mirror or to a colleague didn't prepare us for being on stage with hundreds of people staring at you, or even just being in a meeting with our managers.

We came up with a solution - using virtual reality (VR) to simulate various sized audiences and distractions, resulting in an effective way to practice public speaking and build skills and confidence for the real world.

Since then, we've expanded into other soft skills training, from sales pitching to interacting with the media, and worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies to enhance their employees' soft skills in a more interactive, engaging way.

Awards won by VirtualSpeech

Recognised as a leading training provider

VirtualSpeech have won several awards over the last couple of years, highlighting the benefits and impact of our VR training. Awards include:

  • Winning the Start-Up Learning Provider of the Year 2019 - LPI Learning Awards
  • Winning a design award for Excellent Communications Design - German Design Awards
  • Best Use of VR in Education and Training - VR Awards
  • Winning the Most Innovative Speech Training Platform 2018 - CV Magazine Corporate Excellence Awards
VirtualSpeech press coverage icons from news sites

Press and media coverage

Media organisations recognise our training as a unique method to improve vital soft skills.

We've been mentioned in sites including The New York Times, VentureBeat, Huffington Post, Forbes, eLearning Industry, interviewed on TV for the BBC and more.

Man using VR in an office and pointing

Trained thousands of people

Over the past few years, we've trained thousands of employees and individuals. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 2000+ people have enrolled in our VR courses
  • 1800+ hours spent in our VR training
  • Our VR app has been used in 130+ countries
  • 30+ VR scenarios and environments built
VirtualSpeech whitepaper on soft skills training

Research and insights

Our VR training solutions have been used in a wide range of academic studies around the world. We've also published leading articles and a whitepaper on the state of soft skills training and how VR can enhance this training.

VirtualSpeech office location

Location and contact

Our office is in North London, U.K., with remote workers in other countries around Europe. We are a small team with a focus on engineering, design, VR and valuable content creation.

If you have any questions, get in touch with us. Also have a look at our blog for more information about soft skills, communication, and VR training.

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