Practice Sales Pitching

Improve your sales pitching skills with AI-powered conversations with avatars and instant feedback on performance.


Winning pitches is key to the success of any business. However, many salespeople rush the process, lack impact, and don't deliver key information during the pitch.

These pitching exercises will get you to practice essential techniques for presenting effectively, building rapport, and winning the deal.

Practice pitching both in-person and online with these exercises.

Topics covered

  • Sales pitching skills
  • Persuasion
  • Collaboration


The presentation environments can be accessed from your web browser, no installation or download is required. You can also access the scenarios from virtual reality, if you have a VR headset.

  • Virtual Reality
  • PC/Laptop


  • Load in your presentation slides to practice with
  • Feedback on your pitching performance so you can identify areas that need improving
  • Answer AI-generated questions based on your sales pitch
  • Audio of the practice session is recorded so that you can listen back and self-evaluate your performance
  • Learn to deal with distractions during the pitch

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