Training for Education

Enhance student learning, track progress, and provide actionable feedback with VR and online exercises.

Empower students with career skills

Equip your students with the most in-demand employability skills by enabling them to learn and practice these whenever they want.

Whether it's presentation skills, networking, active listening, or job interview preparation, VirtualSpeech gives students the tools they need to succeed in the modern workplace.

  • Employability and presentation skills training
  • 25+ additional training topics
  • Roleplay with Generative AI
  • Multiplayer practice in VR, with up to 6 students
  • Performance tracking and gradable audio/video recordings

Increase confidence with practice

By practicing in realistic scenarios, students can learn key communication skills through hands-on experience.

With VirtualSpeech, students can practice online and in VR an unlimited number of times - until they are confident in their ability and can perform their best in real-life situations.

Roleplay with Generative AI

Students can practice their skills with AI-powered conversations for interviews, debates, networking, audience questions, and more. Learn more.

New: Add your own custom AI prompts for the roleplay, so students can practice scenarios specific to your organization's learning goals.

See AI examples on our YouTube channel.

Track progress

  • Track students' progress at scale with an admin dashboard, showing unique data captured from VR and online exercises
  • View objective behavioral data on each student's ability based on AI-powered feedback to help you inform instruction and learning paths
  • Receive audio recordings of students' performance to provide individual, personalized assessment or feedback

Learn more about the Skills Assessment.

Practice in different languages

Practice interviews, networking, workplace communication, debating, and other skills in different languages.

Supported languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more.

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