Tour of Media Scenarios

Audio and visual tour of common scenarios you'll encounter when dealing with the media, press or journalists.


Effectively engaging the media has never been more important. Every time you talk to a journalist, you have an opportunity to protect and enhance your reputation.

In this web-based simulation, we'll guide you through 4 common media scenarios: a press conference, radio interview, TV interview, and a down-the-line camera scenario.

Each scenario has a 360-degree image so that you can look around and get familiar with the room, while listening to an audio narrated guide of the scenario and what to expect in it.

Accessing the simulation

The media tour simulation can be accessed from your web-browser, no installation or download is required.


Listening at a Meeting

Press Conference

Goldilocks Listening

TV Interview

Active listening audio exercise

Radio Interview

Active listening audio exercise

Down-the-Line Scenario

Topics Covered

Media Training Spokesperson Training

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