Immersive Business Skills Training

Learn through online classes, practice with virtual reality. Improve faster with our unique learning programme.

Essential public speaking course with VR

Essential Public Speaking

Perfect your speaking, communication and presentation skills with our combination of online tutorials and virtual reality.

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Job interview preparation course with VR

Job Interview Preparation

Learn interview techniques and practice answering questions with our combination of online classes and virtual reality.

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Business networking course with VR

Business Networking

Learn effective networking skills, from building rapport to delivering an elevator pitch. Practice these in VR.

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Practicing presence course with VR

Practicing Presence

A new way of being – reduce anxiety and improve your everyday life with our online classes combined with immersive environments.

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Sales training and strategy course with VR

B2B Sales Training

Learn effective business-to-business sales techniques through our online classes and practice them in realistic virtual scenarios.

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Learn English for business course with VR

Learn English for Business

Immerse yourself in the business culture and language of another country with our tutorial classes and virtual reality.

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Train the trainer course with VR

Train the Trainer

Learn strategies and techniques for delivering high-quality workplace training that leads to better learner outcomes.

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Leadership communication course with VR

Leadership Communication

Learn how to convey your ideas in ways that drive effective decision-making, teamwork, and action. Practice delivering this message in VR.

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Managing Workplace Stress course with VR

Managing Workplace Stress

Learn techniques for dealing with workplace stress and practice these situations in realistic VR environments.

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Media Training course with VR

Media Training

Learn how to communicate effectively to the media, build trust with the audience and convey your messages clearly.

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