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A Public Speaking Course with a Difference

This public speaking course has been integrated with our popular virtual reality app, making it the first ever online speaking course combined with VR. Using VR means you learn through experience which has proven to be the most effective form of learning.

70% of professionals state that presentation skills are critical for career success. Don't hold yourself back - use our course to accelerate your career, starting today!

Get the Tools you need to Succeed

Our public speaking course comes with beautifully crafted material both online and within the VR app. Online, you’ll get carefully selected and summarised reading material and videos. Within the VirtualSpeech app, we provide unique VR courses, environments and features which supplement the online material.


Comprehensive public speaking material.


Series of VR training courses within our VR app.


Progress your career with enhanced skills.

What You Will Learn

Learn fundamental communication and public speaking skills

Gain insights into how you speak with our advanced analytics tools

Learn how to deliver a powerful speech which people remember

Develop important interpersonal skills for personal and professional life

Learn how to write and structure a speech for different audiences

Put your learning into practice with our interactive VR rooms & courses

VirtualSpeech App – a Game Changer

With over 100,000 downloads, our app is the leading public speaking app on the market. It is designed to work with a mobile phone combined with a VR headset, such as Google Cardboard. The app immerses you in a realistic environment where you can learn, practice and receive instant feedback. We have been featured in:

You feel as if you are standing in different public speaking venues… convincing and can help conquer stage fright.
The New York Times

The app is insanely useful for someone who wants to learn to speak in front of people without screwing up.
Android Review

British startup called VirtualSpeech uses VR to allow you to test out your speech in front of a live audience.

The app works great and as someone who suffers from public speaking phobia, this threw me right into the lion's den.
Android Review

Make public speaking easier by giving users the chance to do so in a safe environment, away from prying eyes and judgement.
The Drum

Best for Autism! This app really is helping with my Autism and anxiety issues... This is something that doctors should of created a long time ago!
Android Review



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This course includes:

Courses in our VR app

Comprehensive e-book

Personal speech feedback

Speech analytics

Access on mobile

Unlock all app features

TEDx styled room in VR

Unlock all VR courses and features in our app for 3 months.

Download our VR app for Android & iPhone.

Public Speaking Course Features

What are you Buying?

VR Course Library
Gain access to our series of VR public speaking courses for 3 months, including eye contact, distractions.

Comprehensive E-Book
Our e-book covers topics from literary techniques, speech structure, presentation tips and many more.

Your Presentation in VR
Add images into the virtual conference room with you so you can practice for your upcoming event.

Speech Analytics
We analyse your speech and give you feedback in real time using the latest Speech-to-Text technology.

Human Feedback
Easily upload your speech to us within the VR app and we'll send you detailed feedback on it.

In-app VR Features
Features include heatmap analytics for eye contact, hesitation word count, voice loudness analysis and more.

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Public Speaking Course E-Book

What you get in the E-Book

VirtualSpeech Introduction

  • Overview of the public speaking course
  • How to use the VirtualSpeech app
  • VR environments and courses
  • VR discussion and use of VR headset

Build Effective Communication Skills

  • Four key principles of effective communication
  • The power of the mind
  • Use of body language and posture
  • How to command the audience with your voice
  • Importance of breath to influential speeches

Presentation Skills & Tips

  • Easy to remember presentation techniques
  • Popular presentation styles of top public speakers
  • Designing slides to help convey your message

Writing and Structuring a Speech

  • Studies on the attention span of your audience
  • Build a speech to deliver key messages at specific points throughout
  • Best practices for the beginning, middle and end of a speech

Inform, Entertain & Persuade

  • How to use these styles in context of your audience
  • Tailor your speech for different events
  • We go over conference, wedding and business meeting speeches

Literary Techniques for a Speech

  • Detailed look at famous speech transcripts
  • Review Winston Churchill – 'We shall fight on the beaches'
  • Popular techniques used to engage an audience
  • Techniques such as alliteration, power of threes and analogies

Order now for just $45

Buy today and we'll send you a Free VR headset!