Special Assistance Team Member – Supporting Families and Victims

This course provides initial training for new SAT members and refresher training for others.

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Course overview


Cost: $210

25 lessons, 2 hours

10+ case studies

Optional VR

3 months access

Course outcomes

Understand key crisis management challenges

Know what preparations are required for deployment

Learn how to work with and support families in crisis

Be able to say goodbye to the families and return to normal work

Key requirements for self-care during and after deployment

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CrisisVR is a pioneering e-learning service that enables students to prepare for crisis situations using VR environments.

Sometimes called Special Assistance, Carers, CARE or Support staff. These important, often voluntary staff provide the crucial personal interface between the Company and affected persons (victims, families, employees). Throughout this course we use the generic term 'SAT'.

This course provides initial training for new SAT members and refresher training for others.

The core of the training is a chronological journey. Starting with preparation to travel, students will learn essential organisational disciplines and their role in the overall response to the incident.

Students will develop the key skills required for assisting and supporting people during an emergency. Students will also learn about information management and self-care.

From the significant personal experience of the trainers combined with input from field-professionals in psycho-social support, this course will provide knowledge, core communication skills and an understanding of the vagaries of human emotions and needs in a crisis situation.

Course Topics

  • The responsibility to help others
  • Crisis management challenges
  • Preparation for deployment
  • First encounters – what to expect
  • Working with families in crisis
  • Supporting families at briefings and meetings
  • Record keeping and administration
  • Saying goodbye and return to normal work
  • Self-care
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The training is targeted at those new to SAT duties. A modern programme, case studies and reflections will also be useful as refresher training for previously qualified personnel.

To add context to the training, students will first consider the fundamentals of crisis management before following a chronological study of SAT duties. The multi-media content will provide SAT members with the practical information to make them ready for their first assignment.

The course includes the following types of content:

  • Audio-video in all modules
  • Real film clips and photographs to reinforce training points
  • Multiple-choice progress tests
  • Interviews with experienced SAT members
  • Virtual reality practice (optional)

(Optional) Virtual Reality Simulations

This e-learning course can be supplemented by Virtual Reality simulations that allow students to practice their interactions and enhance their soft skills.

Optional VR modules, either pre-recorded or live meetings with expert role-players, are available on request. CrisisVR also offers traditional classroom SAT training by internationally experienced trainers.