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Learn strategies and techniques for delivering high-quality workplace training that leads to better learner outcomes.

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Deliver high quality workplace training

Before you can start training others, you must develop the knowledge and skills needed to convey information in a compelling manner. In this immersive course, you’ll learn how to effectively train people in a professional environment.

Learn with tutorial videos, practice in virtual reality, improve your skills

Throughout this course, you’ll learn how to create and deliver successful training sessions for audiences of any size. You will develop your communication skills and give memorable training sessions, whether you are coaching the whole office or smaller teams.

After learning the fundamentals, you’ll have a chance to practice what you’ve learnt in realistic virtual scenarios.

How does it work?

When you enroll in our train the trainer course, you will receive:

  • Access to online tutorials through our website
  • An access code to unlock 4 VR training experiences within our app
  • A VR headset, if you require one
Learn through a combination of online courses and VR

An example of how this works: you'll learn about how to deliver an effective workplace training session with our online tutorials, then you'll be prompted to put on a VR headset and practice this in our VR training course, where you'll be teaching a small audience in a virtual training room.

Why take a VirtualSpeech course?

Improve your training skills

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Course curriculum

  • Course guide and resources
  • Welcome
  • VR and the VirtualSpeech app
  • VR training: Testing your current training ability
  • Benefits of being an effective trainer
  • Giving training can be discomforting
  • Activity: Creating a learning environment
  • Our ideas for creating a learning environment
  • Different learning styles for adult learners
  • Adult learning
  • Teaching strategies for the different learning styles
  • Use of visual aids and materials
  • Planning a training session
  • Activity: Planning a training session
  • Session timings
  • Activities during the training
  • Other things to plan
  • Quiz: Review of this section
  • Before the training starts
  • Introducing yourself and the course
  • Case study: Critique this introduction
  • Course layout
  • Role play: Plan and write your introduction
  • VR training: Present your introduction
  • Checklist for before and after a presentation
  • 10 simple rules for good communication
  • Ethos, Pathos, Logos: 3 pillars of persuasion
  • Storytelling for trainers: Craft stories that matter
  • Why and how to bring statistics into your speech
  • Ways you annoy your audience when presenting
  • Pace
  • Average speaking rate and words per minute
  • Using pauses in your presentation
  • Volume
  • Content
  • Case study: Good and bad use of voice
  • Using your vocal toolbox
  • VR training: Explaining a topic
  • Importance of body language
  • Feet and stance
  • Facial expression
  • Importance of eye contact
  • Perceiving body language
  • Delivering confident body language?
  • Quiz: Review of this section
  • Different kinds of questions
  • Dealing with responses
  • Answering questions
  • Guide for handling questions after a presentation
  • HVR training: Answering questions
  • Dealing with slow learners
  • Difficult participants
  • Ending the session
  • After the session
  • Further actions

Your Instructor

Rasool Somji course author

Rasool Somji

Rasool studied Experimental Psychology at Oxford University, before starting his career in software development. He now works as a trainer, primarily targeting middle and upper management, focusing on modern computing technologies, including AI, cyber security and blockchain.

VR Training: Unique VR content for this course

Practice your training skills with the leading VR app, downloaded by over 150,000 users. At key points during the online part of the course, you'll be prompted to practice what you've learnt in one of the following VR training scenarios.

Train the trainer classroom

Testing your current training ability

The first VR scenario gets you delivering a training session straight away. This will help you identify areas of your delivery that need improving. Record your presentation and review it afterwards.

Train the trainer large coaching room

Introducing yourself and the topic

The introduction is important for capturing your audience’s attention. In this virtual scenario, you’ll practice delivering a short introduction of yourself and the topic you are teaching.

Train the trainer coaching room

Asking and answering questions

Practice active listening, questioning techniques and building rapport with your audience. Learn the fundamentals of interacting with your audience and how to answer tough questions.

Train the trainer small meeting room

Explaining a topic or concept

Learn how to keep individuals engaged in your training sessions, even when explaining complex topics. You’ll practice storytelling and different presentation techniques.

Need a VR headset?

A headset is required to experience the VR training - if you don't already have one, we'll send you one when you enroll so that you can start practicing straight away. Simply email us when you sign up and we'll send you a BlitzWolf VR headset.

BlitzWolf VR headset

Everything you need to improve

Our VR app is full of useful features to help you grow your skills.

Presentation Slides icon

Presentation slides

Personalise your training by adding your own slides into the virtual rooms.

Voice Analysis icon

Voice analysis

Receive instant feedback on your presentations using the latest voice analysis technology.

Realistic VR environments

Realistic scenarios

Develop your training skills with our realistic virtual environments and participants.

Record your speech icon

Record presentations

Save your presentation and listen back to it later for analysis - understand areas you need to improve.

Audience distractions icon

Participant distractions

Learn how to deal with trainee distractions such as talking, disinterest and mobile phones ringing.

Mobile ready course icon

Mobile ready

Our iPhone and Android VR-apps work with the majority of modern phones.

See our App Guide for more information on features and environments within our VR app.

Improve your training skills

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