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Workplace Mindfulness

Bringing you into the present to improve your internal and external wellbeing with online tutorials and VR environments.

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About the course

These teachings are focusing on your internal wellbeing, regardless of your external situation. Anxiety, stress, or a lack of focus are all countered by what you will learn in this course. Essentially, we are looking at the very base level of how you are living your life. The benefit of altering the base is that all other aspects in your life will be affected by it.

Online tutorials and virtual reality for education

People are too focused on trying to change things externally in the hope that by doing so they will change how they feel internally. You’ve got to look at this from another perspective. When you improve your internal wellbeing, you approach life in a different way which in itself massively improves the action you take allowing your external situation to flourish naturally.

How does it work?

When you enroll in this mindfulness course, you will receive:

  • Access to over 20 online tutorial classes through our website
  • An access code to unlock 4 virtual reality (VR) mindfulness experiences within our app
  • A VR headset, if you require one
Learn through a combination of online courses and VR

Why take a VirtualSpeech course?

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Class Curriculum

  • 1. Welcome and Overview
  • Course Guide & Resources
  • Introduction
  • Mindfulness Misconceptions
  • Using Thoughts at the Right Time (Preview)
  • 2. Controlling our Thoughts
  • The Importance we Place on Thinking
  • Dealing with Unrelated Thoughts and Over Thinking
  • Inspiration: How to Live Life
  • Applying the Techniques
  • The VR Mindfulness Environments Overview
  • VR Training: Peaceful Environments
  • Inspiration: Life is a Game (Preview)
  • 3. Mindfulness Techniques
  • Identifying Damaging Thoughts
  • The Mind Made Image of Yourself
  • Accepting How Things are in the Present Moment
  • Inspiration: Overactive Thinking
  • VR Training: External Distractions

Your Instructor

Max course author


Max has spent years learning about mindfulness and the power of living in the now. He now runs a popular YouTube channel on the topic and has authored two books based on mindfulness and meditation.

Immersive 360° Video Experiences for this Course

Practice mindfulness techniques with one of the leading VR apps, downloaded by over 150,000 users. You'll be guided through a relaxing meditation in each of our virtual 360° environments, from the calm and peaceful forest to the more externally thought-provoking Alexandra Palace scene.

Alexandra Palace 360 video

Alexandra Palace

Cotswolds Forest 360 video

Cotswolds Forest

Earlswood Lakes 360 video

Earlswood Lakes

English Garden 360 video

English Garden

Headset Included

A headset is required to experience the VR scenarios - if you don't already have one, we'll send you one when you enroll so that you can start your mindfulness meditation in VR straight away. Simply email us when you sign up and we'll send you a BlitzWolf VR headset. Contact us to request a different headset.

BlitzWolf VR headset

Everything you Need to Practice Presence

Our VR app is full of useful features to help you grow your mindfulness skills.

Peaceful VR environments

Calming Environments

Develop your mindfulness skills in our beautiful 360° environments.

Mobile ready course icon

Mobile Ready

Our iPhone and Android VR-apps work with the majority of modern phones.

Voice guided mindfulness icon

Voice Guided

You're guided through different mindfulness techniques in the VR scenes.

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