Virtual Reality for Trainers

Enhance your in-person training with VR scenarios or offer VR as a continued learning tool after the training session.

Training session with VR

Add a VR component to your training

Enhance your in-person training by giving trainees a chance to practice what they have learnt in realistic VR scenarios.

Add the VR practice at any point during your training session. Contact us to learn more about how other trainers are using our VR.

Trainer training a participant

Standout from other training providers

VR training is a new technology that not many other trainers are using. Adding VR enables you to standout from other providers and win more business.

Oculus Go headset

Standalone VR headset and mirroring

No awkward wires, no mobile phone required. The standalone headset is all you need to run a successful VR training session.

Mirroring: Mirror what your trainees sees to your mobile, so you can guide them through the VR and see exactly what they see in the virtual world.

Speech analysis in VR

Unique features in VR

Our VR scenarios give your trainees feedback on their performance in the virtual world, from eye contact performance to speech analysis.

Phone support

Support to get you setup

We'll arrange a call to get you familiar with the VR headset and scenarios. We can also discuss recommend ways to integrate our VR scenarios into your training programme.

Employee training in VR

Offer VR as a takeaway to your trainees

Enable continued learning after your training session. You can offer our VR practice rooms to your trainees, which they practice with after the training session on a mobile based VR headset, from anywhere in the world.

Custom VR solutions for businesses

Custom VR environments

We can build custom VR environments to better suit your training goals and participant requirements.

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