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VR for Training

Articles on Virtual Reality for Training

Articles on virtual reality (VR), including the complete guide to VR, VR applications, history of VR, what causes motion sickness, how to clear headsets, degrees of freedom, VR in higher education, workplace wellness with VR and learning a language in VR.

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Communication Skills

Articles on Communication Skills

Articles on communication skills, including the importance of them, key communicate skills for the workplace, how to persuade, average speaking rate, barriers to communication, impromptu speech topics and examples of great communication.

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Presentation Skills

Articles on Presentation Skills

Articles on presentation skills, including how to prepare for one, how to start and end a presentation, handling questions, making your presentation more interactive, visual aids to use, designing slides, presenting to groups and how VR can help you practice.

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Public Speaking

Articles on Public Speaking

Articles on public speaking, including how to write a speech, best books to help you improve, how to analyse an audience, how to overcome your fear of public speaking, warming up your voice before speaking, choosing a speech topic and examples from TED events.

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Soft Skills

Articles on Soft Skills

Articles on soft skills, including key soft skills for career development and the importance of them, soft skills training, essential soft skills for the workplace, improving interpersonal skills, learning to say no and advice for both giving and receiving feedback.

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Career and Workplace

Articles on Career and Workplace

Articles on career and workplace, including key communication skills for career progression, dealing with stress in the workplace, how to give constructive feedback, managing conflict, the importance of emotional intelligence, crucial conversations and networking tips.

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Articles on Leadership

Articles on leadership skills, including the key ones for management, guide to crisis management, 360 degree feedback, great storytelling from Jack Ma, strategies to increase employee engagement, the importance of storytelling and how to lead virtually.

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Workplace and Employee Training

Articles on Workplace & Employee Training

Articles on workplace and employee training, including how age affects learning, the different type of employee training available, how to train new employees, experiential learning, alternatives to face-to-face training, characteristics of adult learners and how VR is changing corporate training.

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Non-Verbal Communication

Articles on Non-Verbal Communication

Articles on non-verbal communication, including the key elements of body language and the cultural differences with it, the importance of eye contact, how to practice in VR and finally, active listening examples and exercises.

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Sales and Media Training

Articles on Sales & Media Training

Articles on sales and media training, including powerful sales techniques, how to deliver a sales pitch, elevator pitch, B2B strategies, preparing your company spokesperson, media interview tips, what not to say in a media interview and how to practice media interviews in VR.

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Interview Skills

Articles on Interview Skills

Articles on interview skills, including how to prepare for an interview, best interview preparation and search apps, tips for a virtual or video based interview and top Google interview questions.

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Workplace Skills Courses

Workplace Skills Courses

Comparison of the best online workplace skills courses, including topics such as leadership, public speaking, communication, sales training, train the trainer and presentation training.

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