Practice Workshops

Elevate your teams communication skills with our immersive program.


Workshop format

Enroll your team on our immersive Public Speaking 101 workshop series to unlock their full communication potential. This workshop offers a dynamic learning experience through a combination of live Zoom sessions and self-paced learning inside the VirtualSpeech learning platform (online or in VR).

Key skills covered

Mastering Public Speaking Techniques: Learn and apply proven techniques to become a confident public speaker

Crafting Compelling Narratives: Discover the art of storytelling and create narratives that captivate your audience and leave a lasting impact.

Building Confidence: Develop the self-assurance to present with authority and connect effectively with any audience.

Enhancing Communication Skills: Hone overall communication abilities, from active listening to powerful verbal and nonverbal communication.

Two ways to practice


Employees can practice their skills between workshops in their web browser.

In Virtual Reality (VR)

Employees can practice their skills with immersive VR. They will need one of our recommended VR headsets. Learn more

Your facilitators

"Feedback from the other members really helped me to boost my confidence."
"I attended last night's meeting and really really enjoyed it. Being in a team environment allowed me to notice areas I need to work on more. Everyone also seemed very patient and non-judgemental, which was great!"
"The feedback from other participants was encouraging and helpful. I also learned from the others by listening to and watching their presentations."

Feedback from their peers and AI

During the workshop, your employees will give and receive feedback from their peers.

After the workshop, they will receive AI feedback while practicing to help them identify areas of their delivery or approach that need improving.