Live Practice Workshops

Practice skills online or in virtual reality and receive feedback from your peers.

Practice type

Practice online or in virtual reality (VR).

Workshop length

Sessions will run for 45-60 minutes.

Group size

You'll practice in groups of 3-5 people.

Skills to practice

Presentation skills, difficult conversations, pitching, and more.

How to join

Sign up using the form below. Space is limited for each workshop.

Workshop format

Each participant will practice for 10-15 minutes before rotating in the group.

Register for a workshop

Currently we are running the workshops in Zoom. We will shortly be adding workshops in VR.


45-60 minutes
3-5 people per group
Join with Zoom
Wed, Jun 14, at 10am PST (GMT-8)

Practice your storytelling skills in two mini-games, which test your creative thinking.

Improv Skills

45-60 minutes
3-5 people per group
Join with Zoom
Wed, Jun 28, at 10am PST (GMT-8)

Practice your impromptu speaking skills in two mini-games, which test your quick thinking.

Presentation Skills

45-60 minutes
3-5 people per group
Join with Zoom
Wed, Jul 12, at 10am PST (GMT-8)

Practice your presentation skills for up to 7 minutes each, as you speak on a prepared topic.

Future Workshops

Workshops for other skills are coming soon. Register your interest, and we'll email you when they are scheduled.

Practice presentation skills in a workshop

Two ways to practice

Practice skills online


Easily join the practice workshops from your PC or mobile using the video conferencing software Zoom.

Practice skills in VR

In Virtual Reality (coming soon)

Join the practice workshops in immersive virtual reality. You'll need one of our recommended VR headsets to participate. See demo video

Your instructors

Chris Gunby

Chris Gunby

Helen Hooper

Helen Hooper

Sophie Thompson

Sophie Thompson

Dom Barnard

Dom Barnard

Participant feedback

"Feedback from the other members really helped me to boost my confidence."

"I attended last night's meeting and really really enjoyed it. Being in a team environment allowed me to notice areas I need to work on more. Everyone also seemed very patient and non-judgemental, which was great!"

"The feedback from other participants was encouraging and helpful. I also learned from the others by listening to and watching their presentations."

Practice workplace skills

A group from the first practice workshop.

Practice workplace skills

Join up to 3 other learners to practice presentation skills, difficult conversations, negotiations, elevator pitches, storytelling, and more.

Take turns with other learners in the group to practice.

Receive feedback from peers

Feedback from your peers and AI

During the workshop, you'll give and receive feedback from your peers on 5 different categories.

After the workshop, we'll also send you detailed AI feedback to help you identify areas of your delivery or approach that need improving.

See example feedback you'll be sent
Practice environments for live training

Image from the VirtualSpeech VR app.

VR only feature

Different practice environments

Teleport between rooms to practice different skills, including a small meeting room, press conference environment, large conference room, lecture hall, radio studio, and more.

While practicing, the audience includes both your peers and AI-controlled avatars.

Additional practice features

Additional practice features

These features are available both online and in VR.

  • Share your presentation slides with the group.
  • Record the workshop so that you can review it afterward for self-evaluation.
  • Roleplay situations with the other learners, such as negotiations.