Using VirtualSpeech in your Organization

Ways VirtualSpeech is being used by corporations and universities

1. Adding VirtualSpeech courses to company’s existing training library

Most suitable for: Large number of employees taking courses (> 100)

  • Courses added in SCORM format to company LMS (e.g. Cornerstone)
  • Headset provided to each employee who registers for a VirtualSpeech course. Headsets can be provided via two options:
    1. Employee company address sent to VirtualSpeech, who then send a headset directly to employee. Fully managed service provided by VirtualSpeech
    2. Company handles the headsets and provides employee with a headset when employee enrols onto a VirtualSpeech course
    3. Company purchases licenses from VirtualSpeech in bulk

2. Employees taking courses on the VirtualSpeech LMS

Most suitable for: Smaller number of employees taking courses (< 100)

  • List of employees sent to VirtualSpeech who register them onto the secure VirtualSpeech LMS
  • Employees can access the LMS with their company email address and a password provided by VirtualSpeech
  • VirtualSpeech ship headsets to employees, usually 1-3 central locations, where they are distributed to employees by the company
  • This takes full advantage of the VirtualSpeech LMS, which has been custom built to provide VR enhanced learning

3. Companies using VirtualSpeech VR content as part of their in-person training

Most suitable for: Companies looking to enhance their in-person training programs

  • Oculus Go VR headsets provided by VirtualSpeech or by the company itself
  • Video call support for trainers (if required) to familiarise them with the VR headsets and VirtualSpeech features. Comprehensive e-book also provided for initial setup
  • Typically VR is used in breakout sessions towards the end of the training, so participants can practice what they have learnt