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Business Software Tools and Services

Discover the best software for project management, communication, HR, business, management, CRM, accounting, email marketing, training and more.

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WebVR & A-Frame Example

This is an experimental WebVR and A-Frame public speaking environment. View this webpage on your mobile and tap the Google Cardboard icon for the VR experience without needing to download our app.

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Public Speaking Apps for Practicing & Tips

List of the top public speaking and communication apps. List includes virtual reality apps for immersive practising and standard apps for improving your public speaking knowledge. Try these apps out for free.

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Examples of Great Communication

Examples of Great Communication

Learn by watching and reading our pick of examples for effective public speaking, presenting and communicating.

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Google Interview Questions & Process

This page details interview questions and the interview process for Google. If you have an upcoming interview here, this is the perfect resource for you. You can also try answering these questions in an immersive environment within our app.

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Tesla Interview Questions

This page details interview questions from Tesla automotive company. If you need to prepare for your Tesla interview, you'll find these questions helpful. You can also try answering these questions in an immersive environment within our VR app.

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Goldman Sachs Interview Questions

We've collated technical and non-technical questions from Goldman Sachs interviews which you can use to prepare. If you want to practice these questions in a more realistic setting, try our VR app or course.

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Interview Preparation & Job Search Apps

List of the top interview preparation and job search apps on the Android and iTunes platforms, including interview simulation, search and virtual reality apps. Try these apps out for free.

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Top Online Sales Training Courses

List of the top online sales training courses to help you learn sales techniques, practice selling, close sales and improve your sales skills.

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Top 15 Motivational Speakers

A great way of improving communication skills is to watch videos and attend seminars by top motivational speakers. Here is our list of the top 15 motivational speakers from around the world.

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Top Communication Skills Courses

List of the top communication skills online courses to improve your public speaking, selling techniques, networking, body language, ability to influence and persuade, and more.

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Top Soft Skills Apps

It's now vital to develop your soft skills if you want to improve your performance on the job and progress in your career. In this article, we cover the top apps for improving your soft skills.

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