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List of the top people skills training courses to help you interact and communicate with others effectively, leading to better outcomes both in your personal and professional life.

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Powerful People Skills

Dale Carnegie

Build strong, authentic relationships to impart a close-knit culture and engage team members.

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Vendor: Dale Carnegie
Author: Multiple

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Leadership Communication


Learn how to convey your ideas in ways that drive effective decision-making and action.

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Vendor: VirtualSpeech
Author: Julian Mayhew

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People Skills


Whether you are an intern or a CEO, having good people skills will always improve your relationships, not only in the work environment but in all areas of life.

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Author: N/A

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High Performance People Skills for Leaders

London Business School

Develop strong relationships, enhance your emotional intelligence and learn to influence others as a leader across face-to-face, hybrid and virtual teams.

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Vendor: London Business School
Author: Thomas Mussweiler

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Active Listening Skills


Succeed in your job, make good impressions on your colleagues, and become a become a real leader with active listening.

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Vendor: VirtualSpeech
Author: Sophie Thompson

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Communication and Interpersonal Skills at Work


Improve your communication skills at work and learn how to navigate positive collaboration in the modern workplace.

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Vendor: Futurelearn
Author: Jennifer Rosen

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People Skills. How people tick & how to read them instantly


You arrive at an event and your heart is beating quickly and your palms get sweaty. Most people get very nervous at networking events and struggle to connect with people. This course will help grow your confidence, build real relationships and maximize your networking potential.

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Vendor: Udemy
Author: Andy Edwards

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Communicating for Influence and Impact

University of Cambridge

Develop your leadership abilities with communication skills that foster collaboration and influence positive change in any context.

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Vendor: University of Cambridge
Author: Zoë Arden and Martin Roberts

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Presenting with Confidence


Learn how to hook your audience and stakeholders, keep them engaged and leave a lasting impression.

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Vendor: VirtualSpeech
Author: Gagan Singh

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Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills

University of London

This course will help you to improve your communication skills by noticing and responding to the non-verbal, subconscious cues of others.

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Vendor: University of London
Author: Sandra Bynoe

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Essential People Skills for Line Managers

CIPD Learning

This course will explore the skills you need to realise your team’s potential to ensure they perform at their best.

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Vendor: CIPD Learning
Author: N/A

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How to Give Feedback


You will know the key techniques for delivering professional-level feedback to enhance performance and encourage continuous improvement within your team.

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Vendor: VirtualSpeech
Author: Jerry Allen

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People and Soft Skills for Professional and Personal Success


The courses in this specialization include many examples and real life inspired scenarios for you to develop critical people and soft skills. The final assessment is also made up of mini-case studies.

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Vendor: IBM
Author: Skills Network