Improve essential soft skills for the workplace.


  • Admin dashboard - track progress and measure ROI
  • User insights and analytics
  • Access all VR app features, including AI feedback (learn more)
  • Access to Collaborative Remote Training for employees
  • Purchase for up to 25 employees. Course hosted on our learning platform (learn more)
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  • Admin dashboard - track progress and measure ROI
  • User insights and analytics
  • Access all VR app features, including AI feedback (learn more)
  • Access to Collaborative Remote Training for employees
  • Custom VR scenarios
  • Our online content or add our VR to your existing training
  • Branded content online and in VR
  • Integration into your LMS (SSO, SCORM, API) or use our LMS

*To purchase multiple licenses for a course, select the course, click on the Enroll button and customise your order. Add up to 25 users from the admin dashboard after the purchase.

Man using VR in an office and pointing

Train employees anywhere, anytime

We provide the same high quality soft skills training across your workforce, regardless of which country they are in. We provide a mobile app and mobile based VR headsets, so employees can complete the courses at their convenience.

Read the Vodafone Case Study

Man using VR LMS to practice business skills

Upskill employees and train new graduates

Train entry-to-mid-level team members and new graduates with essential soft skills to perform their roles. Our unique training courses cover topics from presentation skills to leadership communication.

Learn how other industry leaders are implementing VirtualSpeech into their organizations.

Custom VR scenarios

Custom VR scenarios

We create custom VR scenarios and environments for businesses and training companies to better suit their training goals.

We have built custom scenarios for clients ranging from small training providers to Fortune 500 companies.

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Employee training in VR

Save money on in-person training

Sending employees to in-person training sessions can be time-consuming for them and expensive for you.

Our courses enable continued learning, where users can practice their training material for 12 months after taking a course, leading to better knowledge retention.

Collaborative Remote Training in VR

Collaborative Remote Training in VR

Employees can practice soft skills with other colleagues in the same VR room.

Colleagues watch and listen to the person practicing, ask questions and provide feedback on each other's performance.

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Improve with VR data analysis

Insights into employee behaviours

Unprecedented behavioural data capture that provides systematic, objective, and highly unique insights into individuals in soft skills scenarios.

Gain insights on soft skill performance and behaviours, reflective of the real world. Understand which factors lead to improvement and determine optimal learning path for the employee.

User data reporting for VR in LMS

Integration with your organisation's LMS

Companies can expand their existing KPIs by importing employee analytics and usage data into their LMS.

We can also host any of our courses on your LMS through SCORM and other methods, or combine our VR training with one of your existing courses.

Learn more about implementing VirtualSpeech into your organization

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Use VirtualSpeech's learning platform

Companies can use our learning platform instead of integrating our courses and VR into their LMS. We offer an effective learning strategy that features:

  • Interactive videos
  • Case studies
  • VR practice scenarios
  • Dashboard tracking

Read more about our learning platform.

VirtualSpeech app running on an Oculus Go

Designed for standalone headsets and sharing amongst employees

The VirtualSpeech app is compatible with the Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, Vive Focus, Merge VR and more. Read more about our recommended headsets.

You don't need to purchase a headset for each employee - we've implemented a Logout feature in the app so that headsets can be shared amongst employees.

White Paper - Virtual Reality for Soft Skills Training

White Paper - VR for Soft Skills Training

As the VR industry matures, more and more soft skills training will be performed in VR and it will soon become a staple of employee training.

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Support and training

Support and training

We provide support and training, which can be carried out in our collaborate VR scenarios or over video calls. We'll bring you and your employees up to speed on how to get the most out of our features and VR scenarios.

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Enhance your employees skills

Contact us to learn more about how VR can improve the learning experience.

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