Interview Skills

Articles on interview skills, including how to prepare for an interview, best interview preparation and search apps, tips for a virtual or video based interview and top Google interview questions.

Google interview practice in the VirtualSpeech VR app

Top 20 Google Interview Questions

With hundreds of thousands of people applying to Google each year, the Google Interview Questions are getting tougher and tougher in order to filter to the best candidates. Check out our list of 20 technical and 20 non-technical interview questions taken from real interviews.

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Job Interview Preparation: the Essential Guide

How to Prepare for a Job Interview, with Tips and Examples

The essential guide on interview preparation, including how to research a company, what to do during an interview and how to follow up after the interview.

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9 Tips for Virtual Job Interview Success

9 Tips for Virtual Job Interview Success

As the world has adapted to remote working, the way we interview has changed. Many interviews are now conducted virtually through video calls. This requires a unique skill set compared to in-person interviews, as the experience is markedly different.

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Job interview preparation and search apps

Interview Preparation & Job Search Apps

List of the top interview preparation and job search apps on the Android and iTunes platforms, including interview simulation, search and virtual reality apps. Try these apps out for free.

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