Top Online Sales Training Courses

List of the top online sales training courses to help you learn sales techniques, practice selling, close sales and improve your sales skills.

21st Century Sales Training for Elite Performance

Brian Tracy

This three month course goes through seven key facets of sales: Prospecting, developing trust and credibility, identifying the buyer’s problems, overcoming resistance, selling value, closing, and getting referrals and repeat business.

Course link: Learn more
Vendor: Brian Tracy
Length: 1 hours / week over 12 weeks
Focus: Sales skills
Price: $$$

B2B Inside Sales Training


Inside sales professionals will learn how to engage prospects, book appointments, delve into their prospects’ motivations, resolve their concerns, and close. There’s a graded exam and attendance reporting so reps can gauge their understanding and sales managers can monitor progress.

Course link: Learn more
Vendor: Salesbuzz
Length: 8 weeks
Focus: Sales skills and process
Price: $$$$

Inbound Sales

HubSpot Academy

Learn how to sell like a modern salesperson with this free virtual course on the Inbound Sales methodology. It encompasses everything from identifying potential buyers to developing personalized presentations.

Course link: Learn more
Vendor: HubSpot Academy
Length: 2-3 hours
Focus: Inbound sales methodology
Price: Free

Top Sales Academy 2017

Top Sales World

This option is ideal if you’re looking for relevant, digestible insights across a range of sales topics. A range of recorded sales tips and strategies are available to watch, including sustainable impact, how to think differently and what makes a top 5% sales achiever.

Course link: Learn more
Vendor: Top Sales World
Length: Ongoing
Focus: Sales best practices
Price: Free

Sales Strategy: Mastering the Selling Process

Sales Engine

This course will give beginner reps an introduction to selling fundamentals, including prospecting, qualifying, asking questions, and developing proposals. It’s applicable to both B2B and B2C salespeople and includes lectures, reading, and exercises.

Course link: Learn more
Vendor: Sales Engine
Length: 3-5 hours / week over 5 weeks
Focus: Introduction to sales
Price: Free ($ for certificate)

B2B Sales Training

Anthony Iannarino

Each month, participants receive a new “How To” lesson on a core sales skill set. They also get to attend a live Q&A webinar with Iannarino. Membership also comes with access to a private forum, so members can answer each other’s questions, share strategies, and give feedback and support.

Course link: Learn more
Vendor: Anthony Iannarino
Length: Ongoing
Focus: B2B sales skills
Price: $$

Sales Pitch and Closing with VR


Learn through traditional tutorial classes and then practice in virtual reality. Learn how to prepare for and deliver effective sales pitches, connect with the audience, close deals and handle objections, which you can then practice in realistic VR scenarios.

Course link: Learn more
Vendor: VirtualSpeech
Length: 3 hours / week over 2 weeks
Focus: Sales pitch
Price: $$

Insight Selling

RAIN Group

Based on their popular book ‘Insight Selling’, this self-paced program will help you reach your full potential by becoming an insight seller. By the end of the program, you’ll know how to shape buyer agendas, avoid common insight selling mistakes, and tell convincing stories that differentiate you.

Course link: Learn more
Vendor: RAIN Group
Length: Ongoing
Focus: Insight selling
Price: $$