Learn a Language in VR

October 18, 2016

There are hundreds of apps out there for language learning, all somewhat similar in design and function. We thought we would try and create a more realistic learning experience with the help of virtual reality.

VR allows the user to be fully immersed in another country, like no other technology. The user puts on a VR headset and can be teleported to a variety of situations, such as ordering a meal in a London restaurant, or booking a train ticket in Paris. The visual immersion, as well as the 360 directional audio, tricks the user into believing the virtual world could be real. People say the best way to learn a language is to visit it, VR in a way does just this.

We have initially focussed on learning English while we develop the technology, and will expand into French, Spanish, German and many other languages.

Find out more about the app in our Language section.

Learn English Culture

In this part of the VR app, you can view different parts of the U.K. with beautiful 360 images. Travel to London, Cornwall, the Cotswolds and other locations to begin to understand how culture differs around the country.

Learn London Culture in the VR English Language app Learn Oxford Culture in the Language VR app

Basic Vocabulary

We provide 8 different virtual reality environments for you to learn the language. A series of words are displayed and you'll need to find that object in the room. The Language VR app vocab section currently has these themes: bedroom, bathroom, office, teddy, weather, people, kitchen and general items.

This helps build up your visual-word association, helping you memorise the words for longer.

Learn bedroom vocabulary in Language VR app Learn general vocabulary in Virtualspeech English Language VR app Learn vocabulary in English VR Language app

Space Game - Numbers

We tried to make learning numbers more interesting, so developed this space game where you’ll need to fly through the correct number to gain a point. The game gets harder as you progress.

Learn a language with a VR space game - find the numbers

Awards & Stats

This room showcases your awards and stats so you can see how much you have progressed while using the app. Unlock different landmarks from around the world.

Awards and stats in the Virtualspeech Language VR app

Roleplay Situations

Test yourself with different real life situations. You can take an interview in the language you are learning, book a hotel room, present at a wedding / formal event, order a train ticket, book a restaurant meal and many more coming soon.

Take an interview in the Language VR app for Google, Microsoft, Apple and others Give a speech at a wedding in the VR Language app


Build up your sentence understanding with this simple building block game. Match the object with the shape in the wall to construct sentences. As you progress, more and more objects will appear, making it harder for you.

Complete these sentences in the present, past and future tenses.

Understand sentences in the Virtualspeech English Language VR app


Listen to different audiobooks to help you learn how words and phrases are spoken. The audiobooks include Treasure Island and The Three Musketeers. This is a great way to learn English pronunciations and phrases.

Language learning by listening to an audiobook of treasure island in VR

Main Menu

Choose from multiple different language learning experiences in our virtual reality app, with plenty more coming soon.

Learn English by picking from different experiences in the Virtualspeech Language VR app

Get the early version language app - Language VR App