Learn English Language and Culture for the Workplace in VR

May 11, 2018 - Dom Barnard

There are hundreds of apps out there for language learning, all somewhat similar in design and function. We’ve tried to create a more realistic and immersive learning experience with the help of virtual reality.

VR allows the user to be fully immersed in another country, like no other technology. The user puts on a VR headset and can be teleported to a variety of workplace situations, such as leading a team meeting, or giving a keynote speech at a conference.

The visual immersion, as well as the 360 directional audio, tricks the user into believing the virtual world is real. People say the best way to learn a language is to visit the country of the language they are trying to learn, VR in a way does just this.

With our course, you learn the fundamentals of business English, which you can then practice in a variety of different virtual scenarios within our VR app. Below are a few of the scenarios you can practice in.

Impromptu speaking

In this VR scenario, you’ll practice quick thinking by talking about a different business related presentation slide every 30 seconds. Once the 30 seconds are over, the slide changes to a different image. You’ll be testing your English skills in this meeting room styled environment, similar to where you might have your team meetings or pitches.

Impromptu speaking meeting room for learning English

Experience English culture

Travel around Britain with our beautiful 360 images of different landmarks and locations. Visit London, Oxford, the Lake District, the Cotswolds, Cornwall and more. Understand how different parts of Britain have their own unique style and culture. These will be great talking points with colleagues when in the workplace.

Learn London Culture in the VR English Language app

Business networking

Practice active listening, eye contact and building rapport with multiple people at our virtual networking event. Talk with three different groups of people, while engaging in conversation and being quizzed on your listening skills afterwards.

Learn how to network in England

Prepare for an interview

Practice answering both general and company specific interview questions with our panel of interviewers. You can select the industry you are working in, as well as the company to be interviewed by. Learn to think on your feet, while answering clearly and concisely in English.

Answer interview questions in English using VR

Meeting presentation

Presentations are an important part of office and workplace life. In this VR scenario, you'll be leading a team meeting and giving a short speech on your progress for a project we explain in the online class. The meeting room only has a handful of people in it, so you can practice giving eye contact and engaging with everyone attending.

Give a presentation in English using VR

Keynote speech

Practice giving a keynote speech in English in front of a large audience of around 100 people. Use the tips given during the online classes to prepare for and deliver your speech.

Lead a meeting and give a pitch in English using VR

Basic vocabulary

This environment was created to get you more familiar with VR and the VirtualSpeech app. You’ll be provided with different virtual reality environments to learn basic English words and phrases. A series of words are displayed and you'll need to find that object in the room or office.

This helps build up your visual-word association, helping you memorise the words for longer.

Learn bedroom vocabulary in Language VR app Learn general vocabulary in Virtualspeech English Language VR app

Awards and stats

This room showcases your awards and stats so you can see how much you have progressed while using the app. You can also load in your own presentation slides into the app and access them from here, as well as save speeches to listen back to later.

Track progress in the VirtualSpeech app

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