VirtualSpeech VR Training

Improve business skills in realistic virtual reality (VR) scenarios. The VR training works as part of our online courses, as a standalone training tool or integrated into your company's learning management system.

Ways to use our VR training

Online courses icon

Online Classes + VR

Our online courses are integrated with VR training scenarios. See courses

Standalone training icon

Standalone VR

Use VR scenarios as part of your in-person training program. Learn more

LMS integration icon

LMS integration

Add VR training to your LMS, combining it with existing training. Learn more

Some of our VR training scenarios

Presentation at a conference in VR
Practice selling at a trade show in VR
Give a TEDx talk in a virtual theatre
Radio interview in VR
Speech analysis results in VR
Sales pitch training in VR
Job interview in VR
BBC interview in VR
Press conference in VR

Some of our VR features

Branching icon

Branched Questions
Avatar questions can change depending on how the user answers.

Load your own slides icon

Load in your Slides
Add presentation slides into the virtual room with you.

Interactive audience icon

Avatar Interaction
Avatars can react to what you are saying and provide visual feedback.

Record your voice icon

Voice Analysis & Feedback
Get feedback on pace, hesitation words, eye contact and more.

Surround sound icon

Surround Sound & Distractions.
360° environmental sound with the option to add distractions.

Practice for interviews icon

Record Speeches and Share
Upload speeches to the learning portal to review and download.