Virtual Reality for Education

Enhance student learning, track progress and provide actionable feedback with VR.

Student training with VR

Enhance student learning with VR

Students can practice a variety of business and soft skills in realistic virtual environments; from seminar rooms to lecture theatres and beyond. Students will receive actionable feedback on their performance and tips on what areas to work on.

Our unique VR training covers topics from presentation skills to interview practice.

Student data and reporting

Empowers with actionable data and reporting

Training in VR allows for behavioural data capture that provides systematic, objective, and highly unique insights into students abilities - feedback from the training is completely personalised to the user.

We support teachers and administrators with student performance data to inform instruction, determine optimal learning paths and monitor growth.

Upload slides in VR

Unique features in VR

Our VR scenarios give students meaningful feedback on their performance in the virtual world, from eye contact performance to speech analysis.

Users can also save and upload speeches to the learning portal, where teachers can listen back and assess a student’s performance. This also allows both students and teachers to easily see progress over time.

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Custom VR scenarios

Custom VR scenarios

We create custom VR scenarios and environments for organisations to better suit their goals. We have built custom scenarios for several universities and colleges, including auditoriums and meeting rooms.

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Collaborative Remote Training in VR

Collaborative Remote Training in VR

Students can practice soft skills with other students in the same VR room.

Students watch and listen to the person practicing, ask questions and provide feedback on each other's performance. Popular for group project work.

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VirtualSpeech LMS

Use VirtualSpeech's learning platform

Organisations can use our learning platform, instead of integrating our courses and VR into your LMS. We offer an effective learning strategy that features:

  • Interactive videos
  • Case studies
  • VR practice scenarios
  • Student progress tracking

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Import user data from VR

Learning Management System (LMS) integration

Universities and colleges can expand their existing KPIs by importing student analytics and usage data into their LMS.

We can also host our online classes on your LMS through SCORM and other methods, or combine our VR training with one of your existing courses.

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Oculus Go headset

Designed for standalone headsets and sharing amongst students

Our app is compatible with the Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, Vive Focus, Merge VR and more. Read more about our recommended headsets.

You don't need to purchase a headset for each student - we've implemented a Logout feature in the app so that headsets can be shared amongst students.

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