Lessons Learned from the World's Largest XR Education Initiative

Speakers: Louise Paepe from RTC Antwerpen, Rob Pereira from PICO, Jordan Williams from ArborXR

Date: 19th June 2024

On Wednesday, June 19th we hosted a panel discussion on the lessons learned from the world's largest XR education initiative. In this session, our CEO, Sophie Thompson, acted as a moderator and asked our panelists Louise Paepe, Rob Pereira, and Jordan Williams about their insights and experiences in implementing XR technologies in educational settings.

Key takeaways

  • The pivotal roles played by each company in driving the XR education initiative forward.
  • The transformative potential of XR technology in reshaping the landscape of education.
  • Real-world insights into the benefits experienced by participants of XR-based educational programs.
  • Challenges encountered and lessons learned throughout the journey of implementing XR initiatives in education.

About the project

RTC runs one of the largest education deployments in the world, covering 600+ schools. Using PICO headsets and managing the deployment with ArborXR, RTC has successfully integrated XR technology into numerous classrooms. VirtualSpeech is proud to be one of their key content providers, delivering immersive and engaging educational experiences through XR. Don't miss this opportunity to hear from industry leaders and gain valuable knowledge that can help you leverage XR in your own educational initiatives.

Speaker bio

Louise Paepe is a consultant at the Regional Technological Center in Antwerp. She was part of the team that prepared and implemented the XR action plan in Flanders. She is currently the coordinator of the XR action plan within RTC Antwerpen. She takes on a leading role within the purchase of applications within the Flanders-wide software library. She also provides technical support to the schools and teachers. Louise has a background in Sociology and specialized in Sociology of culture and education.

Jordan Williams is a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of ArborXR. With over seven years in the XR industry, he's helped launch and scale XR programs in hundreds of schools worldwide. As COO, Jordan oversees sales, support, and partnership teams, ensuring that customers not only excel in managing XR devices but also benefit from a robust ecosystem of support from trusted partners, including manufacturers, resellers, and content developers.

Rob Pereira, MBA, is a polyglot business development expert, graduated from Universities in Germany, the UK and Chile with a background in consulting and sales of technology, innovation, and behavioural economics. He has extensive international experience as regional sales director and general manager working with the most powerful brands in the world within almost every industry. Before moving back to Germany in 2022, Rob had been living in the UK and in Chile for a decade and has been working with cutting edge technologies such as VR/XR, Eyetracking, EEG, biometrics, facial expression analysis and human behaviour analysis, both on the academic side as well as the applied, commercial side. Today he is based in Hamburg and as Sales Director DACH & NL he oversees the enterprise business for Pico, one of the world’s leading companies in VR and XR.

About the speakers and moderator

Louise Paepe

Consultant at RTC Antwerpen


Rob Pereira

Commercial Director of PICO


Jordan Williams

Co-Founder and COO of ArborXR


Sophie Thompson (Moderator)

CEO VirtualSpeech


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