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Try public speaking today. With amazing Environments and Audience.

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Our app works with a virtual reality headset such as Google Cardboard & Gear VR.
We provide a custom Oculus Rift build for Educators/Therapists, see FAQ section.

App formerly know as Public Speaking for Cardboard.

VirtualSpeech gives you an unfair advantage

Download the app, put on your virtual reality headset and start practicing

VirtualSpeech provide a realistic VR training platform for job interviews and public speaking events, allowing you to master your speaking skills. Get a Virtual Reality headset and conquer your fears, whether it is for a TED talk, best man speech at a wedding, presentation at a conference or that interview at Google – we have you covered! Check out our Guide to Public Speaking, which provides comprehensive information you need to master your speaking, communication and presentation skills. Click here to learn more about our VR environments

Public Speaking VR Features

Some of the app features available in our free public speaking app.

High Quality Environments. Various photo-realistic environments, including large conference rooms and smaller meeting rooms.

Load in your Slides. Add images into the virtual conference room with you so you can practice for your upcoming event.

Animated Audience. We green screened a load of our friends and added them into the virtual world for a realistic audience..

Voice Record – coming soon. Users can record their own voice and play it back to themselves to identify areas to improve.

Surround Sound. Our public speaking and interview app immerses you in 360 sound using the new Oculus audio SDK.

Interview Practice. Learn to answer various interview questions in-front of a panel of people and get your dream job.

Want to Improve your Public Speaking?

Read our comprehensive Guide to Public Speaking and ace your next speech.

Read the Guide
VR Language App Users

Who should use the app?

Education. VirtualSpeech is great for teaching students at schools and universities, while helping them improve for their future.

Private. People who want to develop their speaking skills and practice their presentation or speech before a real event.

Business. Our app is perfect for training corporate clients how to speak in public, as well as training people on how to ace interviews.

Events. Got a TED talk, best man speech at a wedding, conference presentation? Use our tool to prepare yourself.

Auditions. Auditions can be a nervous occasion, try our app if you are getting ready for an X-Factor or any other audition.

Interviews. Whether it is a job interview at Tesla Motors or Google, use our app to fully prepare yourself with real interview questions.