Virtual Reality, Real Results: How VirtualSpeech and Strivr Redefine Soft Skills Training

Speaker: Aneesh Kulkarni, Chief Technical Officer at Strivr

Date: 21st May 2024

On May 21st we were joined by Aneesh Kulkarni, CTO of Strivr, who explored how VirtualSpeech and Strivr are redefining soft skills training through virtual reality (VR).

Key takeaways

  • Learn how VR simulations provide immersive, lifelike experiences that enable users to practice and develop essential communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills..
  • Learn about the flexibility and customization options available to tailor VR experiences to specific organizational requirements.
  • Gain insights into how organizations can track progress, identify areas for improvement, and demonstrate the ROI of VR training initiatives.
  • Learn about emerging trends and opportunities for leveraging VR for continuous learning and skill enhancement in enterprise settings.

Speaker bio

Aneesh Kulkarni is the Chief Technical Officer at Strivr, the leading solution provider for enterprise XR. He brings a wealth of experience in technical leadership, developing consumer and enterprise SaaS, and on-premise platforms for mobile web, and data applications.

As the CTO of Strivr, Aneesh has been instrumental in developing and launching new products, optimizing existing solutions, and building and mentoring high-performance teams to realize Strivr’s product vision.

Prior to Strivr, Aneesh served as VP of Engineering at Dremio and AppDynamics, and Director of Engineering at NetSuite.

About the speaker and host

Aneesh Kulkarni

CTO Strivr


Sophie Thompson (Host)

CEO VirtualSpeech


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