Generative AI for Learning and Corporate Training

Speaker: Lindsey Coode, Learning Pool Labs

Date: 20th September 2023

On 20th September we were joined by Lindsey Coode from Learning Pool who guided us through the fascinating intersection of Generative AI (Gen AI) and learning.

With over 25 years of experience in designing and managing learning technology projects, Lindsey is a seasoned expert in the field. Beginning her journey as a learning designer, she has developed a strong passion for creating impactful learning experiences.

Currently, Lindsey leads Learning Pool Labs, a dynamic research and ideas hub focused on evidence-based practices. Through this role, she actively seeks to develop innovative learning solutions that unlock the full potential of individuals and organizations.

Key takeaways:

  • The transformative potential of Generative AI in learning and corporate training.
  • Immersive roleplay experiences bridge the gap between theory and practice.
  • Personalized feedback empowers both learners and organizations.
  • Avatars with diverse personalities prepare for real-world interactions.
  • Impressive results from Learning Pool's Generative AI solution.
  • Assessing ROI through increased confidence and impact on key metrics.
  • The future of learning: AI's potential to replace traditional scenarios.
  • Versatile use cases across various learning and corporate contexts.
  • Generative AI enhances efficiency and effectiveness in training programs.

Webinar summary

1. Learning by Doing: Roleplays and Interactive Practice

Generative AI is redefining the way we learn by incorporating immersive roleplay experiences, a facet that traditional e-learning often lacks. It provides a unique opportunity for learners to actively practice and refine their skills within realistic, interactive scenarios.

This feature is especially crucial when teaching communication skills, as it bridges the gap between theory and practical application. Unlike conventional e-learning, which primarily offers frameworks and guidelines, Generative AI enables learners to engage meaningfully, ultimately building the confidence necessary for success in real-world situations.

2. Personalized Feedback: Enhancing Performance and Insight

Generative AI goes beyond conventional e-learning by offering users personalized feedback on their performance. This feedback serves as a valuable tool for both individuals seeking improvement and their managers or directors aiming to gain insights into skill gaps and progress over time.

Such tailored feedback empowers individuals to monitor their development, while organizations can fine-tune training programs to meet specific needs and objectives, ultimately contributing to improved performance and efficiency.

3. Diverse Avatars: Navigating Real-World Interactions

Generative AI empowers the programming of avatars with diverse attitudes and "personalities." These avatars can range from highly negative and stubborn to open-minded and easily distracted, mirroring the variety of individuals encountered in real-world scenarios.

This broad spectrum of responses allows learners to prepare for interactions with a wide range of personalities and tailor their communication styles accordingly. Avatars can be customized to reflect various roles and experience levels within an organization, ensuring relevance and adaptability for all users.

4. Impressive Results: Learning Pool's Generative AI Solution

Learning Pool's Generative AI solution has achieved remarkable results during its pilot program. Users reported a significant 10% increase in confidence after just a few sessions, underlining the effectiveness of this innovative approach.

Additionally, a noteworthy 63% of participants acknowledged learning new strategies for handling difficult conversations, highlighting the solution's educational value and real-world applicability.

5. Assessing ROI: Measuring Confidence and Beyond

When assessing the return on investment (ROI) of Generative AI solutions, companies can focus on key metrics, including the increased confidence levels of individuals before and after using the platform.

This improvement in employee confidence directly impacts internal KPIs such as retention rates and reduced turnover, and it can be further evaluated through employee engagement surveys.

6. The Future of Learning: AI vs. Branching Scenarios

As technology continues to advance, the future of learning design is evolving. Generative AI's immersive and interactive approach raises questions about the future of branching scenarios in learning.

While there's no definitive answer, many experts, including Lindsey Coode, believe that AI will eventually replace traditional branching scenarios due to its greater potential for enhancing the learning experience.

However, it's unlikely that branching scenarios will disappear entirely, as not everyone has access to this technology. A hybrid approach may emerge, combining generative AI with constrained branching scenarios, allowing users to speak their responses while the AI selects appropriate responses.

7. Diverse Use Cases: From Performance Reviews to Customer Service

Generative AI finds applications across a wide range of scenarios, including performance reviews, handling difficult conversations, public speaking practice, job interview simulations, and customer service training. Its adaptability and ability to mimic real-world interactions make it a valuable tool in various learning and development contexts.

"Chartered Management Institute did a survey of how people feel about difficult conversations and 66 of managers feel stressed or anxious if they know a difficult conversation is coming up 57 said they do almost anything to avoid a difficult conversation which is quite scary as a manager kind of thinking of people aren't having those conversations, then people's performance can't improve."

"And 52 said they'd rather put up with a negative situation at work than have to talk about it. So there is a real need."

8. Efficiency and Effectiveness: The Power of Generative AI

For companies considering the introduction of Generative AI into their training and development programs, this technology offers the potential for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

By utilizing freely available tools and platforms like chat GPT, organizations can structure e-learning modules, generate scenarios, and repurpose content more efficiently. Additionally, AI-driven conversations and personalization of content can significantly enhance the effectiveness of learning initiatives.

While there are challenges related to rate limits, speed, and privacy concerns, ongoing testing and user feedback mechanisms are in place to address these issues. As technology continues to advance, Generative AI stands as a powerful tool for optimizing learning and development in organizations.

About the speaker and host

Lindsey Coode

Learning Pool Labs


Sophie Thompson (Host)

CEO VirtualSpeech


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