Helping Deutsche Telekom upskill their employees with VirtualSpeech - Case Study

Discover how employees at Deutsche Telekom experienced a substantial 20% boost in their skills within just 30 minutes of practicing in VR.


  • Deutsche Telekom wanted to ensure employees continuously acquire new skills and expertise.
  • VR enables employees to practice real-life scenarios in a secure and controlled environment.
  • Initially starting with Essential Public Speaking, they expanded the catalogue to include wider communication skills, such as Business Storytelling and Active Listening.
  • Each VR session showed an impressive 10% skill improvement.
  • Employees experienced a substantial 20% skill boost in just 30 minutes of VR practice, significantly enhancing competence and confidence in serving customers effectively.

Customer Introduction

Deutsche Telekom is one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies, present in more than 50 countries.

The company fosters a strong learning culture through formal and informal training opportunities to help employees meet industry demands. This commitment to learning empowers employees to succeed in their roles and contribute to overall success.

The Goal

The world is currently experiencing the most significant and rapid structural change in history due to digitization. With the rise of automation, many tasks in the labour market are becoming automated, and new work requirements are emerging constantly.

To keep up with this ever-changing landscape, it's crucial for individuals and organisations to adapt and continually improve their knowledge and abilities. Therefore, the challenge for Deutsche Telekom is to ensure that its employees have the skills and expertise required to navigate this rapidly evolving industry.

Before Virtualspeech, I had almost no experience in VR. Now I am a proud Portfolio Manager having, among other valuable Products and great Providers, VirtualSpeech Ltd. as 1ST CPD-accredited training provider of VR online courses. The CPD accreditation is a testimony to the high quality of VirtualSpeech courses and the effectiveness of VR training for workplace learning.

Višnja Cicvarić Šonje - Learning Portfolio Manager, Deutsche Telekom

The solution

To encourage employees to learn new skills and adapt to the ever-changing telecommunications industry, Deutsche Telekom turned to Virtual Reality (VR) training as the best solution.

VR allows employees to practise real-life situations and enhance their skills in a safe and controlled environment, wherever and whenever it suits them. This practical approach to learning helps to increase connections between colleagues and customers, and fosters a culture of continuous learning and development.

Initially starting with Essential Public Speaking, Deutsche Telekom expanded the catalogue to include wider communication skills, such as Business Storytelling and Active Listening, to support everyday work situations. The company also utilized VR training for sensitive topics such as sexual harassment prevention and DE&I.

Working with VirtualSpeech Ltd. in the last 2 years I can prove to you about their professionalism and continuous improvement. When I do the market research now, I compare all of them because they raised the bar high.

Višnja Cicvarić Šonje - Learning Portfolio Manager, Deutsche Telekom

Virtualspeech was chosen as the VR training provider due to the quality of their content, structure, and industry recognition. Additionally, Deutsche Telekom considers connection with startups as essential to maintain pace with innovation.

Collaborating with start-ups brings new ideas, energy, and fuel into the company, allowing it to reflect on end-customers and focus on business results, leading to more efficient and higher quality communication.

All employees at Deutsche Telekom, regardless of their level within the company, have access to the All Access program, which provides access to all available training content and practice exercises. Employees can sign up for VirtualSpeech seats throughout the year, allowing them to learn at their own pace and convenience.

Virtualspeech has also been used as a high-end reward for employees who make significant progress in their learning journey, promoting a culture of continuous learning and development within the company.

Results and benefits

The use of VirtualSpeech has resulted in a number of benefits for Deutsche Telekom. First and foremost, it has encouraged employees to engage in continuous learning and development, generating excitement and interest in acquiring new skills.

In addition, the use of VR technology has helped employees understand the practical value of the technology in the workplace, beyond just entertainment. This has sparked new ideas for using VR to improve customer experiences, such as how to approach customers in their homes.

The future is happening now! I’m so so amazed how real it feels to be on the stage, in conversations or meetings.

Project manager, Deutsche Telekom

By practising real-life situations in a safe and controlled environment, employees are better prepared to handle challenging situations with clients, leading to stronger relationships and improved customer satisfaction.

Notably, each VR session has shown an impressive 10% improvement in employee skills. What's even more remarkable is that employees experience a substantial 20% boost in their skills within just 30 minutes of practicing in VR. This rapid skill enhancement has significantly contributed to their competence and confidence in serving our customers effectively.