Certificate of Achievement

Certificates of Achievement for VirtualSpeech courses allow you to showcase your soft skills for employers and universities

Get evidence of what you've learned

Your Certificate provides an overview of the course, including how long you spent studying the course and practicing in the online exercises or virtual reality.

The Certificate gives you evidence to show during job or university applications, or appraisals. You don't need to verify your identity to get your Certificate.

Your Certificate shows your name, the course you enrolled in, and the approximate time to finish the course.

Easily share your achievements

Your Digital Certificate is a permanent web page with a unique address, so you can easily add it to your LinkedIn profile, CV, or resumé, and share it with friends or employers.

Certificate criteria

The following are required in order to receive a Certificate:

  • You must mark over 90% of the online course modules as complete

And either one of these, depending on if you took a course with online exercises or virtual reality:

  • You must have spent at least 30 minutes practicing in virtual reality
  • You must have completed 2 online exercises

Get your digital Certificate

Click on the link below when you have completed the Certificate criteria, and we'll send you the certificate, as well as the permanent web page link you can share