Learn English in VR

Immerse yourself in the culture and language of a different country through virtual reality.

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We provide beautiful VR environments to speak, listen and learn the English language in.

Man selecting training environment within VirtualSpeech VR language learning app.
Virtual Reality Language App

Pick from different learning experiences.

Experience Culture

Travel around the world with our beautiful 360 images of different landmarks and locations.

Learn Vocabulary

Learn more quickly with the visual-word association in our photo-realistic environments.

Listen to Audiobooks

Listen to classic books to enhance your learning and pronunciations.

Roleplay Situations

Practice ordering a meal, giving a speech, booking a hotel and many more.

Find out more about our Language VR environments.

In-app Screenshots

Different scenarios within the Language VR app.

Learning a language in a vocab kitchen VR environment
VirtualSpeech main menu VR language learning
VirtualSpeech vocab bedroom virtual reality environment
Language learning sentence training VR environment
VirtualSpeech VR culture room in London, England
Language learning roleplay interview in VR environment
Learn a language by ordering a meal in a restaurant from a VR avatar
VirtualSpeech roleplay wedding speech VR environment for learning a language

Virtual Reality is the New Way to Learn

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New way to learn English culture

Visit Cornwall, London, Warwick and the Cotswolds, all from the comfort of your own home.

VR Language Learning Features

Learn English in an immersive and realistic environment.

Experience Culture. Visit London, the Cotswolds, Warwick, Cornwall and more.

Basic Vocabulary. Realistic vocab rooms including a kitchen, office and bedroom.

Audiobook Chapters. Listen to Treasure Island, The Three Musketeers or Alice in Wonderland.

Sentence Building. Learn English sentences by constructing walls with different shapes and words.

Roleplay Situations. Practice booking a hotel, ordering a ticket and even an interview.

Rewards & Stats. View your stats and awards to see how you've progressed.

VR space game to learn English and other languages in a fun way

Improve Your English Skills with VR

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