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Learn interview techniques and practice answering questions with our combination of online tutorials and virtual reality.

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Be fully prepared for your interview

You'll likely only have one chance to impress your interviewer, so you need to make it count. You might have a great resume and be a good fit for the job, however if you're not prepared for the interview, your chances of getting the job are greatly reduced.

With our unique combination of online classes and virtual reality, you’ll be able to improve your interview skills in a safe environment and overcome any speech anxiety.

Effectively prepare for your job interview with our online tutorials and virtual reality (VR). Learn interview techniques online and test yourself by answering real interview questions within our mobile VR app.

Learn with tutorial videos, practice in virtual reality, improve your skills

Online learning, done differently

We combine online classes with VR for a unique learning approach. At certain points throughout the course, you'll be prompted to practice what you've learnt in VR.

Woman training with VR in an office

Learn with tutorial classes

You’ll complete a series of videos, quizzes, slideshows and case studies through our online platform - available to access at any time.

VirtualSpeech app running on an Oculus Go

Practice in realistic VR

Practice what you learn with VR scenarios specific to this course. Answering interview questions is just like any other skill - you need to practice to improve.

VirtualSpeech's learn, practice, improve loop

Improve with VirtualSpeech's loop

Learn online and then practice in VR. This loop occurs multiple times throughout the course and helps you improve more effectively.

Why take a VirtualSpeech course?

Reduce nerves through practice

You can practice as often as you like in our realistic virtual simulations, ensuring you’re ready and confident for any future interview.

Interactive e-learning

Learn essential interview techniques with traditional online video tutorials. Practice in immersive virtual reality.

Be more prepared for the real event

Features in our VR app ensure you’ll be better prepared, including voice analysis and real interview questions.

Learn through experience with VR

Skills improve the more you practice them. With VR, you can practice in a safe space at your own pace, as often as you need to.

Speak clearly with our voice analysis

Using the latest voice analysis technology, we can pick up hesitation words, pace of voice and more, to ensure you’re speaking clearly.

Improve interview skills

Perfect your interview skills from answering questions, to asking them, to knowing what to wear, and much more.

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Course curriculum

  • Course guide and resources
  • Welcome
  • VR and the VirtualSpeech app
  • Purpose of a job interview
  • What the interviewer is looking for
  • Example: Show enthusiasm
  • 10 reasons why people don't perform well
  • Structuring answers with the STAR technique
  • Dealing with interview nerves
  • Quiz: Interview basics
  • Example: Connecting with stories
  • Common interview questions and answers
  • VR Training: Answering competency based questions
  • Common questions summary
  • Example: Cambridge law mock interview
  • What you must know about the company
  • Body language do’s and don’ts
  • Example: Body language and eye contact
  • Acting and looking the part
  • VR Training: Answering company specific questions
  • Resources for company interview questions
  • Example: Answering tough specific questions
  • Description of what not to do
  • Importance of first impressions
  • VR Training: Watch what NOT to do
  • Answering illegal interview questions
  • Writing and sending thank you notes
  • Falling at the last hurdle
  • Quiz: Preparation and follow up

Your instructor

Sophie course author

Sophie Thompson

Sophie graduated with a Distinction in MSc International Business from Warwick Business School before embarking on a career as a marketing and HR professional. She has seen hundreds of interviews for entry-level job roles and uses this experience to help others secure their dream job.

VR Training: Unique VR content for this course

Practice answering interview questions with the leading VR interview app, downloaded by over 150,000 users. At key points during the online part of the course, you'll be prompted to practice what you've learnt in one of the following VR training courses.

Improve faster with our VR features

Our app is full of useful features to help you grow your skills.

Interview questions icon

Interview questions

Practice answering real interview questions so you're fully prepared for the real event.

Voice Analysis icon

Voice analysis

Receive instant feedback on your answers using the latest voice analysis technology.

Realistic practice icon

Realistic practice

Perfect your interview techniques by answering questions in realistic scenarios.

See our App Guide for more information on features and environments within our VR app.

Need a VR headset?

A headset is required to use the VR training - if you don't already have one, select the headset option when you enroll and we'll send you one.

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