High-Stakes Presentations

Learn how to execute important presentations, then practice your delivery in high-stakes VR training scenarios.

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Deliver high-stakes presentations more effectively

High-stakes presentations require more than just basic presentation skills. They require professional-level delivery techniques and the confidence to deliver at the highest level in any business setting.

In this practical course, you'll learn by taking the focus away from what you present and instead on how you present.

Learn with tutorial videos, practice in virtual reality, succeed

You'll learn how to build confidence in highly pressured environments, how to open and close presentations convincingly, interact with a natural and composed demeanor, project confidence and enthusiasm, and how to leave your audience with a message that really resonates.

Who should take this course?

If you're preparing for high-stakes presentations, such as presenting to senior executives, updating important clients on a project, pitching for a large contract, or speaking at high-profile engagements, then this is the course for you.

Online learning, done differently

You'll learn through our unique learning approach. Learn in a more traditional way with online classes, and then you'll be prompted at certain points to practice what you've learnt in VR with our mobile app.

Woman training with VR in an office

Learn with tutorial classes

You’ll complete a series of videos, quizzes, slideshows and case studies through our online platform - available to access at any time.

VirtualSpeech app running on an Oculus Go

Practice in realistic VR

Practice what you learn with VR scenarios specific to this course. Delivering presentations is just like any other skill - you need to practice to improve.

VirtualSpeech's learn, practice, improve loop

Improve with feedback

Learn online, practice in VR and receive feedback on your delivery. This loop occurs multiple times throughout the course and helps you improve your presentation skills more effectively.

Why take a VirtualSpeech course?

Be prepared for your presentation

Features in our VR app ensure you’ll be better prepared for your presentation, including recording speeches, loading in your own slides and voice analysis.

Persuade audience members

This course will teach you fundamental elements you need to persuade others; belief, technique and content. Most presenters have the content, few have the belief and the technique. This training program develops these two elements, helping you build credibility with the audience.

Develop a crucial skill

The ability to give an effective presentation in the workplace is a crucial skill that every employee should possess. Strong delivery can help you get your message across and influence your audience. Our training helps empower you to communicate competently to all types of audiences.

Build confidence

We will teach you how to build a confident and credible presence in highly pressured environments. The VR scenarios allow you to take risks when presenting, push yourself to try new techniques and methods.

Speak clearly with our voice analysis

This presentation skills training course uses the latest voice analysis technology. Our VR app can pick up hesitation words, pace of voice and more, to ensure you’re speaking clearly.

Get results for your business

It’s an experience that makes a marked difference in business results. Your audience will view you as prepared, informed, and confident. You’ll see measurable gains in communication, personal and corporate image, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Improve your media skills

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Topics Covered

  • Open and close presentations convincingly
  • Design memorable message points
  • Using your breath to reduce nerves
  • Summarising your presentation at the start
  • Keeping the audience interested
  • Using your voice to influence and inspire
  • The importance of structure and clear objectives
  • Connecting with the audience
  • Employing visual slides and help convey your message
  • Developing confident body language
  • Fundamental presentation skills training techniques
  • Communicate with clarity and conviction
  • Rehearsing for your presentations
  • Simplify complex ideas and technical information
  • Crafting a story
  • Asking for feedback and building on it
  • Maintain control during the Q&A

VR Training: Unique VR scenarios for this course

Practice your presentation skills with our popular VR training app, downloaded by over 200,000 people. At key points during the online part of the course, you'll be prompted to practice what you've learnt in one of the following VR training scenarios.

Need a VR headset?

A headset is required to use the VR training. If you don't already have one, select the headset option when you enroll and we'll send you one.

Training a team? Purchase 1-2 Oculus Go headsets and share them amongst your team. Contact us to learn more.

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