Gini Beqiri

Gini Beqiri

VirtualSpeech Author

Gini attended Durham University in the U.K. before completing her Psychology Masters in the Netherlands from Leiden University. After graduating, she spent several years working for the National Health Service (NHS) in England, where she treated hundreds of patients for anxiety and stress related disorders.

Gini now works in HR, helping companies with talent recruitment, as well as upskilling employees with training and development programs.

She has used her knowledge to write in-depth articles for VirtualSpeech on both soft skills and stress reduction in the workplace. Gini co-authored a white paper on soft skills training with VR, one of the first papers exploring the benefits of VR in the training industry.

Together with her NHS colleague Emily, Gini co-authored a course on Manging Workplace Stress, where participants can experience different stressful situations in the safety of VR

Courses by Gini

Managing Workplace Stress

Learn techniques for dealing with workplace stress and practice these situations in realistic VR environments.

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