Colin James

Colin James

VirtualSpeech Author

A deep introvert with a passion for teaching, Colin James was determined to infuse his training with the insight and value that would make a lasting difference to every participant.

To understand what constitutes excellent communication he studied the best educators and communicators he could find. He studied, teachers, keynote speakers, actors, dancers, comedians and politicians.

He observed the way that they held the attention of their audience and how, regardless of the content, they had the ability to deliver their message in such a way as to profoundly influence the way people think, feel and behave.

Over the past 30 years Colin has facilitated executive education sessions in Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia, USA, England and South Africa. He has deep experience working with any size group whether it is an audience of six or 6,000 people.

Courses by Colin

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Learn the fastest way to engage and persuade any audience using Business Storytelling. Practice these skills in VR.

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