Practice with Generative AI

Practice in 25+ workplace scenarios enhanced with AI, including difficult conversations, sales pitches, interviews, negotiations, and debates.

Why use AI for soft skill training?

Popular training scenarios

Some of the popular roleplay situations our learners are practicing with:

1. Performance reviews

2. Difficult conversations

3. Interviews

4. Customer service

5. Sales pitching

6. Debating

7. Negotiating

8. Free-form conversation

The AI-enhanced roleplay exercises are available in both the VR and online practice exercises.

Jaime Donally

"It's crazy! Best AI conversation I've ever had"

Jose Ferrer Costa

"It's the perfect way to develop soft skills training!"

Christopher Wright

"It makes the practice simulations so real, interactive, and practical."

AI-powered feedback

Get feedback on what you say and any areas you need to improve with our generative AI solution. This feedback is enabled for all our roleplay scenarios, from difficult conversations to sales pitching.

Practice in different languages

Practice interviews, difficult conversations, networking, communication, and other skills in different languages.

Supported languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and German. More coming soon.

Custom roleplay prompts

Add specific roleplay scenarios for your employees or students to practice. These can range from a legal deposition to dealing with an angry employee.

Only students or employees enrolled in your organization will see your custom prompts.

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