Improve Business Skills with Virtual Reality

Explore innovative courses combining online classes with VR training scenarios - grow career opportunities and develop essential business skills.

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Learn. Practice. Improve.

Learn fundamental business skills through our online classes. Practice these skills in immersive virtual reality. Improve with our unique learning approach.

How VirtualSpeech Works

Learn business and communication skills in the VirtualSpeech online portal

Learn with online classes

Learn fundamental communication and business skills through our online classes, which include video based tutorials, role play exercises, quizzes and case studies.

Practice communication skills in the VirtualSpeech VR app

Practice in VR

Practice what you learn in realistic VR training scenarios, as often as you need to. Our VR app has been used by over 150,000 people around the world.

Read the VirtualSpeech App Guide.

Improve your communication skills with virtual reality

Improve with feedback

Real time voice analysis and tracking technology let you identify areas which need improving. Get feedback on hesitation words, eye contact, speaking pace and more.

Track progress within the VirtualSpeech VR app

Track progress over time

Measure your progress over time and quantify performance improvements. Keep track of uploaded presentation slides and saved speeches within the app.

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Improve your business skills with VR

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