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  • Practice online, in virtual reality (VR), or AR
  • AI-powered roleplay exercises and feedback

Skills Assessment dashboard

Measure the skills you or your team are practicing and identify any skill gaps.

Skills Assessment combines analysis across 10 key workplace skills so you can easily pinpoint strengths and weaknesses for individuals and teams.

The learning journey

Our blended courses combine e-learning with practice and feedback.


skills boost in just 30 minutes of practice with VirtualSpeech


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said that practicing in VR helped them prepare better for real-world situations


"VirtualSpeech gave me the confidence and the practical tools to move out of my comfort zone and embrace public speaking rather than run from it!"


"I found VirtualSpeech to be an incredibly innovative way to improve confidence, practice skills, and get the right feedback necessary to improve my skills."


"I wanted to improve my public speaking skills, and after completing the courses, I feel more prepared and have noticed an improvement in my credibility at work."

Why VirtualSpeech?

Proven Success

Join over 550,000 people across 130+ countries using VirtualSpeech to upskill themselves.

Learn by doing

With over 55 hands-on practice exercises, you'll improve your skills up to 4x faster.

AI Feedback

After each practice session, you'll get AI-powered feedback on areas you need practice.

Boost your career

Our accredited courses help you get a promotion, and progress as a manager.

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Scalable for distributed teams  
Cost efficient  
Lasting behavior change  

Learn by doing

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