Using VR to Improve Communication Skills

Develop interpersonal skills in realistic VR environments. Try it free today!

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VirtualSpeech use virtual reality to educate and train people around the world.

Virtual Reality Headset

Our app is available for different mobile VR headsets.

Get a virtual reality headset and start improving your public speaking and communication skills. Whether you're presenting at a TED talk, giving a sales pitch, running a meeting or preparing for an interview – we've got you covered!

Why Virtual Reality?

Why use our app to improve your communication and speaking skills?

VR App Users

Who should use the app?

Education. Our VR product is great for teaching students, at both schools and universities, important soft skills required in the workplace.

Training Companies. Integrate our app or WebVR solution into your corporate training program or content management system.

Businesses. Train your employees in essential public speaking and communication skills, helping them work together more effectively.

Personal. Giving a TED talk, sales pitch, best man speech at a wedding, conference presentation? Use our tool to prepare yourself.

Therapists. Our product is being used alongside exposure therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and other treatments for social anxieties.

Interviews. Whether it is a job interview at Tesla Motors or Google, use our app to fully prepare yourself with real interview questions.