Live Training in VR

Book a 2 hour live session with a trainer, including 1 hour of training over Zoom and 1 hour of instructor-led practice in VR.

Trainer training a participant

Training topics

Our qualified trainers are experienced on a wide range of training topics, including:

  • Presentations and public speaking
  • Leadership training
  • Difficult conversations
  • Media training
  • Storytelling
  • Sales pitching
  • Negotiation training
  • Interviewing for recruiters

We have VR scenarios suitable for all these topics, from press conference rooms to radio studios to meeting rooms.

Let us know when you enroll which topic you'd like training on, and we'll find the right coach for you.

Training session with VR

How it works

The instructor-led 2 hour training session is divided into two parts, each 1 hour long:

  1. The first hour will consist of training over Zoom (or similar video platform) on the topic of your choice.
  2. The second hour will get you practicing what you learnt in the first hour, in realistic VR scenarios with the trainer in the same virtual room as you, who will roleplay situations as a virtual avatar and provide feedback.
Trainer training a participant

Why practice in VR?

VR gives you the opportunity to practice soft skills in a realistic way, where you can practice and receive feedback from the trainer.

Our high quality environments immersive you in the scenario, giving the impression that you are actually in the room, without the cost or time taken to travel to face-to-face training.

Oculus Quest headset

What you need for the training

You'll need a good internet connection for both parts of the training.

You'll also need either an Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, Pico Neo or Vive Focus VR headset for the 1-hour live training in VR.

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