Text to Speech Converter

Convert your text to male or female speech, with natural voices.

This online tool converts your text into speech. It is free to use for audio files under 30 seconds (approximately 70-80 words).

Above this, we charge a small fee per minute of additional audio. Pricing is clearly displayed.

About this text to speech converter

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Free for audio under 30 seconds

This online text to speech converter is accurate and free to use for audio files under 30 seconds. For longer audio files, we charge USD $0.50 / minute to convert your text to audio.

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Privacy guaranteed

Uploading text on our website is secure. Everything you record is accessible to only you - nothing is stored on our servers. Our website is secured with a strong SSL.

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Text-to-speech converter

Convert your text to speech with this simple online tool that can be used in your web browser. Paste your text into the box above and download the audio as MP3.

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Download converted speech

After the conversion is complete, you can download the audio file and use it in any way you want. You can download the file in MP3 format, which can be opened on any device.