Selecting a Story Type

Find the most appropriate story to get your message through to your audience.

For communication to be effective, you need to understand what kind of stories work in which kinds of situations.

Different kinds of stories can achieve different goals. To choose the kind of story you should tell in your workplace, you should always start with the outcome you're trying to achieve.

Situation / desired outcome

Select one of these desired outcomes you want to achieve with your storytelling.

1. You want to communicate a new idea.

2. You're trying to get buy-in to a new vision or direction.

You're presenting to a hard or shutdown audience, overcoming resistance or getting the audience to open their minds.
You're trying to encourage a certain kind of behavior from your audience.
You're looking to improve morale and motivation or prepare your audience for thinking in an innovative way.

1. Opening a keynote.

2. Giving a speech at a team dinner.

3. Talking with an employee group over drinks, creating a relaxed atmosphere.