Negotiating a Raise

Respond to the recruiter to try and maximize your compensation.

You've been at your company for close to a year and you have not received a pay increase since you started. You work as a Project Manager and have had an extremely successful year. Not only did you meet all of your objectives, but you also took on the lead role for a special project and have been killing it.

You've been helping to mentor new hires because you are a natural leader and are really enjoying this aspect of your job.

There have been a ton of changes in your life and you need to make more money - primarily because your rent has increased and in the same month your roommate told you they are moving out!

So you decide to schedule a meeting with your boss...

In this exercise:

  • You will role-play an exchange of messages
  • Select the most suitable response
  • Try and get the highest salary and bonus