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Why should I get a Public Speaking course?

In today’s environment, effective public speaking are essential to success. There has been an influx of conferences, business meetings and presentations, in which clear and confident communication can get you a new job, secure a contract for your company and even help you deliver a heartwarming wedding speech. These public speaking courses will help level up your communication skills and give you the advantage.

Introduction to Public Speaking

Coursera – Dr. Matt McGarrity

This University of Washington course will help you prepare speeches that are easy to deliver orally and understand aurally, reviewing the differences between written and oral communication.

Master the Art of Public Speaking with VR


A unique public speaking course linked closely with virtual reality, giving you an enhanced way to practice speaking in front of a realistic audience. The course material ties into the VirtualSpeech app for the ultimate experience.

Become Better and Funnier at Public Speaking

Udemy – David Nihill

Learn 7 comedy habits and create a memorable presentation. The stand-up process is reviewed, with aspects being applied to public speaking situations, helping to rid the world or boring presentations.

How do TED Speakers Blow their Audience Away?


Delve deep into the 5 secrets of TED style speaking, finding patterns with winning speeches and applying these principles to your own speeches. Public speaking course comprises of a series of helpful videos.

Public Speaking Fundamentals

Lynda – Laura Bergells

This entry level course covers various aspects of public speaking, from how to project confidence, storyboard a speech, respond to questions and develop a story throughout your speech.

Comm101: Public Speaking

Saylor Academy

Very text heavy and in-depth course on public speaking, providing 15 topics to learn. Aimed at an advanced audience, learn the specifics of body language, confidence, presentations aids and many more.