Delivering Presentations with VR

This short training course teaches you how to deliver effective presentations, which you can then practice in VR.

Course overview

Online with VR

Cost: $100

20 lessons, 2 hours

2 case studies

2 VR scenarios


What you will learn

Connect with and engage your audience with strong calls to action

How to use your voice effectively to get people to act

Improve your delivery and presentation skills with practice in VR

Practice delivering a presentation in realistic VR

Strong presentation skills are so important in the modern age. We live in a world of sales pitches, conference presentations, client meetings and project updates. The ability to deliver a presentation in front of an audience will not only enhance your career, but also win you contracts and benefit your personal life.

With our unique combination of online classes and virtual reality, you can practice delivering presentations in realistic virtual environments.

You'll learn effective presentation techniques through online tutorials, case studies, quizzes and articles. You'll then get the chance to practice these with our best-selling VR app.

Delivering a presentation is like any other skill, you need to practice to improve. VR provides this accessibility, where you are free to make mistakes and try different presentation delivery styles.

Online learning, done differently

We combine online learning with VR for a unique learning approach. At certain points throughout this Delivering Presentations course, you'll be prompted to practice what you've learnt in VR.

Learn online courses

Learn in online classes

Complete a series of videos, quizzes and case studies through our online platform - available to access at any time.

Practice in VR

Practice in realistic VR

Practice what you learn in realistic VR scenarios. Delivering presentations are just like any other skill - you need to practice to improve.

Feedback in VR

Improve with feedback

Receive feedback on your performance to help identify areas you need to improve to become an effective presenter.

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Course curriculum

  • Overview of the VirtualSpeech VR app and course. We explain where to download the app and how VR can help you improve your presentation skills by letting you practice in a realistic environment.
  • Course guide and resources
  • Welcome
  • VR and the VirtualSpeech app
  • It’s vital that you understand your audience during a presentation. This section covers the different types of audience member, as well as body language and eye contact to connect with them.
  • Importance of eye contact
  • Body language, posture and presence
  • Example: Body language and eye contact
  • Maintain the attention of your audience
  • Speaking rate, pauses, volume and pitch are essential presentation skills. Learn how to use these during your delivery to emphasise key ideas, with example videos demonstrating these points.
  • Volume
  • Average speaking pace, with examples
  • Example: Speaking pace
  • Using your vocal toolbox
  • Example: Two different vocal ranges
  • From starting a presentation, to telling your audience stories, to managing anxiety, this section covers all topics required when delivering a presentation. At the end, you’ll practice what you’ve learnt in VR.
  • How to start a presentation
  • Example: Good and bad introductions
  • Telling a story
  • Managing anxiety
  • Role play: Context of your presentation
  • VR Training: Practice delivering your presentation

Your instructor

Dom, Content Lead, is an entrepreneur, VR enthusiast and engineer with a passion for finding new ways to improve speaking skills using technology. Previously, Dom worked at Jaguar Land Rover before leaving to develop the VirtualSpeech app, and now speaks at events around the world.

VR Training: VR scenarios for this course

Practice your presentation skills with the leading VR training app. At the end of the course, you'll be prompted to practice what you've learnt in the following two VR scenarios.

Practice presentation skills in a VR meeting and conference room

Deliver your presentation virtually to both a smaller and larger audience. We've added these useful features in VR to help you practice:

  • Load in your own presentation slides
  • Record your presentation, save it and listen back to it later
  • Receive detailed feedback on performance after your presentation, including on your use of hesitation words, pace of voice, etc.
  • Live feedback during your presentation lets you know how you are performing
  • Eye contact analysis, helping you understand if you were neglecting parts of the audience
  • Upload custom audience questions


Learners in VR


Faster than classroom training


Learning awards

Improve faster with our VR features

Our VR app is full of features to help you deliver effective presentations.

Presentation Slides icon

Presentation slides

Personalise your experience by adding your own slides into the virtual rooms.

Voice Analysis icon

Voice analysis

Receive instant feedback on your speech using the latest voice analysis technology.

Record your speech icon

Record presentations

Save your speech and listen to it later for analysis, better understand areas to work on.

Info about VR headsets

Our course works with popular VR headsets, including the Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, Pico Neo 2, Vive Focus and Merge VR.

Need a VR headset?

If you don't already have one, check out our recommended headsets and buy one from your local e-commerce store or shop.

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