Public Speaking Course Combined with VR

September 22, 2016 - Dom Barnard

It can be difficult going through hundreds of online courses trying to find the best one. Each offers something a little different but is essentially the same as the other courses; either a bunch of video tutorials or written text trying to help you improve your communication and speaking skills.

None of these courses immerse you in the world of public speaking. None of these courses really prepare you for your next big presentation. None of these courses will have a lasting impression on how you effectively communicate.

We thought we would try something unique. With the rise in virtual reality (VR) and our backgrounds in the subject, we got to work designing a VR app and crafting a public speaking course which lets you practice speaking techniques in the virtual 360° world of VR.

Virtualspeech VR app meeting room for presentations

In-app screenshot of a presentation to a virtual audience in our meeting room. Users can load in their own presentation slides to present with, as shown in the image.

Public speaking course with a difference

The VirtualSpeech course has been integrated with our popular VR app, making it the first ever online speaking course combined with VR. The app, with over 150,000 downloads, serves as a great platform to learn communication skills in realistic simulations. This really is the best way to practice public speaking and be more confident in front of audiences of any size.

What do you get with the Course?

Although VR is great for practising and learning about various topics, it is difficult to learn all you need within a VR headset. One of the reasons for this is that after 20+ minutes of wearing a VR headset, you can start to get a headache. The combination of online tutorial videos and 15-20 minute VR courses is the perfect way to improve your speaking skills. Therefore, for this public speaking course we provide:

  • 4 VR training courses - practice your eye contact, dealing with distractions, impromptu speeches and more with these VR courses.
  • Over 30 tutorial videos - comprehensive public speaking tips and techniques to help you succeed.

How does the VR app work?

You can download the app from either the Google Play, Apple or Gear VR stores. It's designed to work with a mobile phone combined with a VR headset, such as Google Cardboard – open the app, insert it into the Google Cardboard and place it on your head.

Our FAQ page covers various questions you may have about VR and the app. The app has also been features in several top news sites: The New York Times, Forbes, Huffington Post, Springwise, Lifehacker & The Next Web. Below shows some of the course in-app training and features.

Content in the tutorial videos

We try and cover a range of communication and public speaking topics; here are some of them to give you an idea of what’s in the course:

  1. The VirtualSpeech VR app tutorial
  2. Connecting with the Audience
  3. Maintaining the Attention of your Audience
  4. Understanding the Audience
  5. Body Language and Voice
  6. Listening to Others
  7. Managing Anxiety
  8. How to Increase Your Confidence
  9. Example of Bad Speeches
  10. Planning your Speech
  11. How to Deal with Distractions
  12. Business Meeting and Conference Presentation

Find out more about our public speaking course and how it will help you master the art of public speaking.