VirtualSpeech on Vive Focus (Plus)

December 19, 2019 - Dom Barnard

You can now experience the VirtualSpeech app on the Vive Focus (Plus)!

Vive Focus is the all-in-one solution for enterprise. Enjoy instant wireless VR with high-resolution screens, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processing, and world-scale tracking. No tethered PC, base stations, or sensors required.

Learn more about the two headsets:

Vive is targeting the headsets towards the enterprise market, so the pricing of each headset and use cases reflects this.

Vive Focus for Enterprise

Some of the benefits of the headset include:

  • A premium wireless experience out of the box
  • A more affordable entry point
  • 3k amoled screens
  • Uncomplicate VR in kiosk mode
  • Inside-out, 6-DoF tracking
  • Make any room or space a virtual stage

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Download VirtualSpeech for Vive Focus

Download VirtualSpeech