VirtualSpeech App VR Training Rooms

July 3, 2016

The VirtualSpeech app offers a variety of public speaking, networking, mindfulness and interview rooms for you to improve your skills in. Below is a description of some of the rooms and how best to use them – download our app, get hold of a virtual reality headset and begin practising.

TEDx Styled Room

Our large theatre room to prepare you for your biggest events.

TEDx styled theatre room in VR - practice public speaking and communication skills

Small Meeting Room

This meeting room is perfect training for an upcoming pitch or presentation to work colleagues or potential clients. The room is populated with a dozen people close to you, making it more personal than the large conference room. It is possible to load your own slides into this room, which appear to your left on the wall. The exit button is next to these slides.

You can analyse your voice for hesitation words, loudness, pace of voice and even eye contact by pressing the 'Analyse' button in this room. When you've finished your speech, press the 'Stop' button and review your scores. You can play back a speech, save it or upload if to us for feedback.

Practice your sales pitch in our virtual meeting room with a panel audience

Large Conference Room

This environment gives you the opportunity to practice your public speaking in front of a large audience, in the style of a conference presentation. You are positioned next to the podium and exposed to the audience, adding to the level of anxiety and fear you'll feel.

Note that you can add your own slides into the conference room which appear on a large board behind you and also on the floor in front of you. This means that you won't have to continually turn around with your virtual reality headset to view your slides. You can exit the room by looking at the two large black screens either side of your slides behind you.

Practice your presentation and public speaking in our virtual conference room

Interview Room

This room gives the user the chance to practice for a job interview in front of a small panel of people. You first select the job sector or company for the interview questions. Then by pressing the VR headset trigger or tapping the screen, cycle through subsequent questions. Currently there are 2-3 specific questions for each job sector, with around 15 general questions. For the companies, currently we provide 40 Google interview questions, 40 Goldman Sachs and 20 questions for McKinsey, Apple, Tesla Motors, Procter & Gamble and Microsoft. We will increase the database of questions we are using in the future.

Practice your Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Tesla and McKinsey interviews in VR

Wedding / Formal Room

Practice giving a formal or wedding speech in this uniquely styled room within the VirtualSpeech app.

Practice your wedding speech in VR environments

VR Training Courses

Our virtual reality courses are crafted so that you can practice communication skills in realistic virtual environments. For example, our eye contact course provides a heatmap of where you were looking when giving your presentation.

We've also collated important tips and training tools on communication skills to equip you better for personal and professional life. Using a VR headset in this way allows you to learn experientially and retain a much larger percentage of what you're taught.

Select online courses in VR app

App Main Menu

Pick from a variety of rooms from the VirtualSpeech app VR main menu.

VirtualSpeech app VR main menu to select environments and courses

Progress, Recordings & Awards Room

  • Listen back to your speeches: When you Analyse your voice in, for example, the meeting room, you can choose to save your speech which you can listen back to in this room. Up to 5 speeches can be saved.
  • See how you're progressing: Each time you Analyse your voice, the scores for eye contact, pace of voice and hesitation words are stored here.
  • Discover awards you've won: Unlock different awards for completing public speaking and communication skills objectives within the app. Read about how to complete the various objectives within this room.