Role Play Exercise for a Sales Pitch with VR Practice

December 8, 2017 - Sophie Thompson

Role play exercises are a great way to prepare for high pressure situations and practice quick thinking. We’ve created a role play scenario, where you’ll have 15-20 minutes to prepare a sales pitch, then get the chance to deliver that sales pitch in a realistic virtual conference room in front of avatars in our VR app.

Overview: Sell a business idea of your choice to senior management

Preparation time: 15-20 minutes

Speaking time: 6-10 minutes

Practice tool: VirtualSpeech VR app


You’ve been summoned to present your business idea to senior managers. This idea could be a process improvement, a new product or a cost saving initiative. You mentioned your idea in passing to your manager a few weeks ago, thinking nothing of it. Now she tells you that you have a meeting in 25 minutes with senior managers of your company who want to hear more about your idea.

The senior managers have been told a summary of your idea already and are looking for more information on how it can help the business. You will be presenting to two senior managers.


Spend 15-20 minutes thinking about a business idea and planning your speech. Create 3 presentation slides to support your argument and add them to the VR app to present with. For guidance on how to do this, see our App Guide. Focus on the benefits of your idea, don’t just list a series of features.

Make sure the senior managers leave the meeting fully understanding how the idea can benefit the business and what the next actionable steps are to fulfil your idea.

When thinking about the contents of your presentation, consider the managers expectations, understanding and time pressure.

Talk for 6-10 minutes in our sales pitch VR training room. Run the ‘Record Voice’ feature in this room so that you can listen back to your presentation and understand areas of it which need improving.

Use the ‘Ask Questions’ feature after you have finished your presentation to get the senior managers asking you questions about your idea.

Example role play business ideas for inspiration

  • Strategy for penetrating the Chinese market involving a joint venture with a local firm
  • Design change on your website sales page using a proven design method to improve conversion rates
  • Providing VR headsets to the engineering CAD team to help senior managers review potential builds
  • A new manufacturing tool design to reduce build time by 30% during the prototyping phase
  • A new inbound marketing strategy involving long form articles and a podcast series about customer success stories
  • Introduce live chat to your company website so customers can ask questions, raise concerns and provide feedback
Role play exercise for a sales pitch in VR with examples

Screenshot of the conference room where you practice your business idea sales pitch. Your presentation slides appear on the left wall as shown in the image.

VR practice room

At this point, you should have an idea to sell to your senior managers, 3 presentation slides and a presentation structure for your pitch lasting under 10 minutes. You’ll now get the chance to practice this in a realistic conference room in front of two virtual avatars.

If you haven’t already, download the VirtualSpeech VR app, then enter your sales course code from the Sales Training and Strategy course. This will unlock the sales training environments, one of them being the conference room.

Add your 3 presentation slides to the VR app so that you can practice with them. The easiest way to do this is to email yourself the slides as a PDF. This section of our App Guide explains the ‘loading slides’ process in more detail.

In summary

  • You are giving a presentation about a new business idea you have
  • You will be presenting to two senior managers at your company
  • Plan the content of your presentation and create 3 presentation slides
  • Add the presentation slides to the VR app
  • Leave the managers with an understanding of how your idea can benefit the company
  • Speak for between 6 and 10 minutes

You should now be ready to practice your pitch. Put on your VR headset and begin!

Why use virtual reality?

Virtual reality lets you practice the role play scenario in a realistic way. When you put on the VR headset, you’ll be immersed in a virtual conference room, as if you were actually in the room yourself. It adds to the level of nerves and discomfort you might feel when pitching your idea for real.

Additional features can also be added into the virtual environment, such as voice analysis, voice recording and avatar questioning. These combined create a powerful feedback loop where you can practice and improve on your sales pitch until you have perfected it.

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